Software architectures for hybrid cloud scenarios

Software architectures for hybrid cloud scenarios

Hybrid cloud scenarios are an important topic in many larger organizations that want to keep their very sensitive data and functionality on premise but that also desire to benefit from the advantages of public cloud offerings.
Such a scenario forces software archictects and developers into the consideration of some special requirements. This session introduces you to the topic „hybrid cloud“ and aims to give you a guidance to the solution of topics like latency differences, security and integration. The session give you insights into the following questions:
- How do I make sure that I can deploy my software to various cloud platforms?
- How do I make sure that my business logic and data are correctly split up between a public and an on premis cloud solution?
- What are integration related considerations of my macro architecture in such a scenario?
- How do I deal with internal legacy applications in a hybrid cloud scenario?


Michael Plöd

March 23, 2018