Activity 25 Reflections on Openness

Activity 25 Reflections on Openness

Activity 25 for the Open Education MOOC #h817open


Michael Rees

May 10, 2013


  1. Activity 25 Reflecting on openness Open Education MOOC #h817open Michael

  2. Open is code for MOOC – Bryan Alexander


  4. Think 4-minute lectures!

  5. The Australian

  6. Problem, Project, Unit of Study Refine New Term or Concept

    Yes New Problem, Project, Unit of Study No Unit of learning completed Learning trajectory Just-in-time Learning
  7. • Late and adult learners Lifelong Learners • Professional development

    Professionals • Access strategy Government • Cost savings • Expand experience Internal Students • Income • Reputation & preparation Potential Students • Influence student choice Parents • Influencers Alumni Clark 2013 MOOC Consumers
  8. MOOC Providers • Private companies • Unis • Schools •

    Individuals MOOC Portfolio • Certificates • Badges • Micro credentials Public Testamur • Own web site • WordPress, Blogger • LinkedIn, FB • Resume Work • Company • Self employed Life Balance • Self- education • Volunteering • Contribution to family
  9. Millidegrees

  10. To survive in a world of [M]OOCs, Australian universities will

    need to innovate and take risks. On present indications, the future may well belong to freemium universities - a business model where they give away their courseware and only charge students for supplementary support services. Jim Barber, VC Uni of New England, Feb 2013 Accredited exams Moderated discussion groups Tutorial assistance
  11. Hill 2013

  12. Open Education

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