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The Road to Success is paved with Small Improvements

The Road to Success is paved with Small Improvements

This talk discusses the architectural past of Etsy and how it
evolved over the years. It also goes into detail about the tooling we wrote and leverage for making out continuous deployment culture work. It then goes on and describes out culture of blameless postmortems and how we strive to be a learning organziation and integrates learning into the process of incident response and handling.

Daniel Schauenberg

January 14, 2015

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  1. Hindsight is 20/20 There would be no Etsy I wasn't

    around for this (the grain of salt disclaimer)
  2. Try

  3. IRC

  4. $graph = new Graph_Graphite_Simple( [ 'title' => 'Packets Received (nodejs)',

    'metrics' => 'stats.%s.packets_received', 'limit_y_axis' => true, 'stacked' => true, 'width' => $width, ] )
  5. “Finding your soul metric can take time. But in the

    end, it boils down to what matters most to your users.” Mathias Meyer, CEO Travis CI
  6. “Erkenntnis und Irrtum fließen aus denselben psychischen Quellen; nur der

    Erfolg vermag beide zu scheiden.” Ernst Mach, Erkenntnis und Irrtum (p. 116)
  7. “There is a difference between explaining and excusing human performance.”

    Sidney Dekker, The Field Guide to Understanding Human Error (p. 196)
  8. "Hey all, I just ran rm -rf $DIR/ and since

    the variable was empty I deleted my whole VM. This would have been bad in production. Don't do that."
  9. “It is also worth pointing out that the bias towards

    investigating failures rather than success itself represents a trade-off.” Erik Hollnagel, The ETTO Principle: Efficiency-Thoroughness Trade-Off