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Mobile CI at Etsy

Mobile CI at Etsy

Mobile is a strong focus at Etsy and we are working on bringing the lessons we learned from running a successful website to the mobile space. This talk will cover how we do Continuous Integration for our mobile apps and have build up an infrastructure around it that supports the workflow of mobile development.

Daniel Schauenberg

June 19, 2014

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  1. @mrtazz GitHub Enterprise • All code in on-premise git repos

    • Development on master branch • Pull Requests as code reviews • command line tool • Jenkins GitHub pull request builder plugin
  2. @mrtazz The Bobs • > 350 LXC virtualized hosts •

    14 per physical hosts • Spread over 3 SSDs • Most of them attached to try
  3. @mrtazz Mobile CI • 25 Mac Minis • Runs Android

    and iOS toolchain • Lint and build • Unit and functional tests • Automated with Chef
  4. @mrtazz Summary and Future • Big improvement for visibility and

    testability • Repeatable tests • Expand testing (e.g. physical devices) • Improve automation • Deployment!