Keeping the Cloud Promise: Infrastructure Agility with a DevOps Toolchain

Keeping the Cloud Promise: Infrastructure Agility with a DevOps Toolchain

The agility of cloud computing can often be hampered by system administration techniques and infrastructure technologies that aren’t able to keep-up at an equal pace. The Development Operations (DevOps) movement helps to address many of the pace issues in cloud computing by bringing new life to team culture and implemented technologies. A mixture of pre-created and live demonstrations will be given for how a “DevOps Toolchain” can be implemented to build and maintain infrastructure, both cloud and virtualized.

A wide variety of software will address provisioning, configuration management, orchestration, monitoring, metrics, and other aspects of a fully-functional operations model. The presentation will focus on Amazon Web Services and make benefit of technologies such as Puppet, mCollective, Nagios, Munin, and many others.


Mark Stanislav

August 03, 2012