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Building high traffic websites with Drupal

Building high traffic websites with Drupal

The slides for my talk at World Hosting Days 2014 in Rust, Germany.
An overview of technologies you should use to boost Drupal performance.


Markus Heurung

April 03, 2014


  1. freistil IT Building high- traffic websites with Drupal Markus Heurung

  2. Markus Heurung @muhh Drupal Developer, Linux Sysadmin, Trainer, IT Manager

    Co-Founder of freistil IT
  3. What’s high traffic? anonymous vs. authenticated static vs. generated

  4. Overview of layers to optimise Browser Webserver PHP Filesystem Drupal

  5. Static files Browser Apache Filesystem

  6. Tuning Linux Fast disks File system cache File system layout

  7. Tuning Apache MaxClients & Co. KeepAlive Scaling out new complexities:

    network filesystem deployment
  8. Drupal Browser Apache File System MySQL PHP

  9. Tuning PHP Get many CPU cores Use an opcode cache

    (APC) Check apc.php 128-256 MB
  10. Drupal Database for almost everything. Content Configuration Content queries and

    layout Caches Watchdog (logs)
  11. Configure Drupal Compression CSS & JS aggregation Caching Watchdog into

    syslog into logstash
  12. Choose your modules wisely!

  13. Optimise your database queries generated by views

  14. Tuning MySQL Disk I/O InnoDB Buffers (caches, temp tables)

  15. use less DB

  16. Caching ↓ memcached

  17. Search and content collections ↓ Apache Solr

  18. Content ↓ MongoDB

  19. Browser Apache File System PHP - Drupal MySQL memcached Solr

    MongoDB APC
  20. Varnish

  21. Goal Varnish Apache Browser

  22. Drupal configuration

  23. Tuning Varnish Modules: 
 Purge, Expire, Rules
 Varnish Optimise VCL

  24. https://www.flickr.com/photos/kimberlykv/5061421858

  25. monitor & measure measure your settings monitor your usage apply

    insights to your setup rinse & repeat
  26. Thanks! Questions? ! markus@freistil.it