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Intro to Kotlin Workshop: #GoogleUdacityIndiaScholars Edition

Intro to Kotlin Workshop: #GoogleUdacityIndiaScholars Edition

An Intro to Kotlin workshop hosted for the Google Udacity India Scholars program.

The workshop gives a brief overview of what Kotlin is, where it can be used, common questions/concerns, and then some introductory coding exercises that can be completed within IntelliJ or Android Studio.

Workshop Materials: https://github.com/n8ebel/Intro-to-Kotlin
YouTube Stream Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkTnw7eKgJI

Nate Ebel

July 06, 2018

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  1. What is Kotlin? — A more modern, alternative to Java

    for Android — A JVM-compatible server-side language — A potential cross-platform solution @n8ebel 4
  2. Where Did Kotlin Come From? — Developed by JetBrains —

    Open Source — Announced in 2011 @n8ebel 6
  3. Why Might You Care? — 100% compatible with Java —

    Safer & more concise — Used for JVM, Android, JavaScript, and Native @n8ebel 8
  4. Why Might You Care? — Modern language features for Android

    developers — Fully supported in multiple IDEs — Both object-oriented & functional constructs @n8ebel 9
  5. Kotlin for Android — Officially supported language for Android —

    Examples & tooling being updated — New libraries specifically for Kotlin — FAQ @n8ebel 11
  6. Server-Side Kotlin — Build JVM-compatible server-side applications — Works with

    existing JVM tools such as Spring — Deploy to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, etc — FAQ @n8ebel 13
  7. Kotlin for JavaScript — Write Kotlin that targets JavaScript —

    Targets ECMAScript 5.1 — Still a work in progress — FAQ @n8ebel 15
  8. Kotlin Native — Compile to run without any VM —

    Share business logic — Target Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android — FAQ @n8ebel 17
  9. Get Started With Kotlin — Kotlin Koans — REPL —

    IntelliJ or Android Studio — Convert Java to Kotlin @n8ebel 19
  10. Resources Misc — Kotlin Weekly Newsletter — Book: Kotlin in

    Action — Book: Kotlin for Android Developers @n8ebel 29
  11. Resources Misc — Video: 8 Ways to Try Kotlin —

    Video: 7 Resources to Learn Kotlin — My YouTube Playlist @n8ebel 30