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The Artisan Economy

Af302a38d520e96fbcbc76c251ccb90b?s=47 Nancy Nardi
October 08, 2012

The Artisan Economy

What's next for professional senior portrait photographers. Slide presentation for the live broadcast for Seniors Ignite.


A preview of what's next for the photography industry and what will be covered at the Seniors Ignite Event in San Diego.


Nancy Nardi

October 08, 2012


  1. The Artisan Economy Wha t’s Next The Future of Senior

    Photography Digital Marketing Trends for Boutique Businesses and Services
  2. Cra manship & Technology Ma er

  3. Changing Photography Landscape • Cra smanship • The Experience •

    Personal • Technology
  4. Changing Photography Landscape The studios that succeed will take advantage

    of mobile, social and web technologies to create more personalized experiences
  5. The Artisan Economy Source: Intuit Future of Small Business Report

    A new type of tech savvy entrepreneur who is taking advantage of twin trends—the rising interest in artisanal goods and the increasing availability of web technology products to market them.
  6. The Artisan Economy The new artisan economy will see rapid

    growth in the formation of small and personal (one person) businesses. The artisans will create new organizational structures and provide greater opportunities for work-life balance. These small and personal businesses will be run by a diverse group of entrepreneurs with a wide range of business objectives, but many will choose to join the ranks of the new artisans to match their work with their values. Source: Intuit Future of Small Business Report
  7. Cra smanship Ma ers Source: Intuit Future of Small Business

    Report In a world of stiff competition and me-too mass produced products, a higher-end, more personal approach is often better able to stand out in the market.
  8. 3 new categories of Artisans Source: Intuit Future of Small

    Business Report 1. New artisans that make things. This includes everything from hand-made jewelry to food truck chefs to boutique distillers to micro-manufacturers. 2. Personal service providers and especially those that provide high-end personal services. 3. Knowledge artisans that leverage their social and intellectual capital.
  9. Today’s Luxury Buyer Source: iMedia Connection The buying habits of

    today’s high school senior and their parents have completely changed.
  10. Today’s Luxury Buyer What are they looking for? What do

    they want? How do you connect with them online? How can you use new technologies to reach them? Is your photography at a level that commands top dollar?
  11. Why high school seniors buy Source: Kia Bondurant “Today’s high

    school senior loves to shop. Today’s senior loves clothes. This is not a new phenomenon among the different generations of teens. What is new is WHY and the HOW they make choices in the clothing they buy and wear. This also applies to their thinking about senior portraits.”
  12. Personal Social Informative Relationships Matter Don’t Sell Website 1. 2.

    3. How to reach high school seniors Source: Kia Bondurant
  13. Every Brand Needs a Story We have to stop being

    distracted by looking at each other and getting caught up in competition. We exert too much energy trying to compete and buying more gadgets. We’re missing out on a chance to truly invent and to be inspired by the experiences and interests that we know best—our own. Source: Owning Your Story, UX Magazine
  14. Killer Value Proposition The center of that value proposition is

    you. What can you deliver uniquely well? What sort of disruptive business model can you bring? Be true to yourself and play from a position of strength. A little self-awareness can go a long way in crafting a value proposition with power. Source: Owning Your Story, UX Magazine
  15. Be Disruptive Do something that no one else is doing.

  16. Create a Market John Ratchford

  17. When you are good, when you are successful - you

    will be copied. Change & Reinvent
  18. Reinvent Jael Thorpe

  19. What Makes a Great Website Brand Content K.V.P Design Every

    brand needs a story Make it personal Useful Tells a Story Shareable Killer Value Proposition User Friendly SEO Friendly Looks great on any device Fast
  20. The Luxury Portrait Buyer Has Evolved “Consumers today are focusing

    less on things and more on experiences that will improve their lives. This demographic is demanding premium, accurate, timely, and engaging information.” Source: iMedia Connection
  21. Experience is the New Aspiration

  22. People Choose Brands Because of Ideals not Products Your brand

    is an idea, an experience manifested in your products or services. Source: Innovation Summit
  23. Deliver Memorable Experiences Studios will need to consistently reinforce their

    value propositions to ensure their products and services are "worth the money Source: iMedia Connection
  24. Connecting with clients anywhere, anytime Social & mobile has empowered

    people. Luxury clients are leading the pack in terms of being tech savvy. Source: iMedia Connection
  25. Event Marketing 3 girls fashion show

  26. Of line Drives Online 66% percent of people online would

    rather have face-to-face interactions than interactions on Facebook Biggest driver of social media growth comes from offline experiences.
  27. Mobile by 2014 Most users will be using a mobile

    device to browse the web.
  28. Mobile It’s no longer is your site mobile friendly, but

    rather is your site web friendly. No matter who is visiting your site. The number of devices, platforms and browsers that need to work with your site is growing.
  29. Mobile is Social & Personalized

  30. SoLoMo The integration of social networks with inherent mobile location

    features is transforming customer engagement with brands and revolutionizing marketing. Social Local Mobile
  31. SoLoMo SoLoMo-based strategies can play a key role in getting

    consumers interested and excited about new events, experiences, and products. Social Local Mobile
  32. Exclusivity & Insider Access The social capabilities of mobile can

    enable studios to create an inner- circle feeling around key events. Delivering exclusive previews or behind-the-scenes content offers clients and followers an place for "insider" experiences. Source: iMedia Connection, Mashable
  33. Moments that Ma er Mobile & social capabilities help create

    innovative, user-friendly, and interaction for fans at key moments, which is far more meaningful and relevant than traditional marketing. Source: iMedia Connection
  34. Relationships Ma er Relationships • Exclusivity • Behind the Scenes

  35. Social Media Source: 10 Digital Marketing Trends For Fashion, Luxury

    and Retail Social media is for socializing, connecting and entertainment. Understand and use each platform as it's meant to be - then weave your brand story in an appropriate way. Not sell sell sell.
  36. Visual Storytelling Visual Content is dominating social media. Social media

    is a great outlet to tell a story.
  37. Pinterest Photo & video posts on Pinterest are referring more

    traffic than Twitter, Google+ & StumbleUpon. People are following more brands on Pinterest than on Twitter and Facebook
  38. Instagram Instagram is a great branding tool. Engaging Intimacy Storytelling

  39. Instagram Facebook reached 100 million users in 4 years. Instagram

    is on pace to beat it. Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012. Source: TechCrunch
  40. Google + Personal Social Quality Results Signals Good Content REL=Author

    1. 2. 3. 4. SEO Is Social & Personal
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