Coding vs.Programming - Scratch Meetup Tokyo August 2017

Coding vs.Programming - Scratch Meetup Tokyo August 2017

Which should I use the word coding or programming?


Naohiro Tsuji

August 01, 2017


  1. Coding vs. Programming
 Tinkering and Hacking Code2Create.Club / SoniVis

    Corporationɹ Naohiro Tsuji fueling creativity. Scratch Meetup Tokyo 2017
  2. SoniVis Corporation Code2Create.Club Naohiro TSUJI = 2g ίʔυ2ΫϦΤΠτɾΫϥϒ ιχϰΟεגࣜձࣾ ௰௚߂ͭʔ͡ʔ

  3. Code2Create.Club ίʔυ2ΫϦΤΠτɾΫϥϒ Virtual club on the Internet Real activities of

    assistance for young coding learners ωοτ্Ͱͷू߹ମ ࢠͲ΋޲͚ίʔσΟϯάֶशࢧԉ 5 locations,
 over 300 kids
  4. Code2Create.Club ίʔυ2ΫϦΤΠτɾΫϥϒ It’s about Scratch,
 and Raspberry Pi εΫϥονͱϥζύΠ

  5. I’ve been on the collision course with August 2013 50

    years Great mentors
  6. “Let's teach kids to code” My origin point 

  7. Code to learn, learn to code. ίʔσΟϯάʮͰʯֶͿɺίʔσΟϯάʮΛʯֶͿɻ

  8. New tool to learn everything ৽ֶ͍͠ͼͷπʔϧɺ͔͠΋ɺͳΜͰ΋ֶ΂Δ New media to express

    yourself ΞΠσΞΛܗʹม͑ΔͨΊͷ৽͍͠ϝσΟΞ coding is…
  9. four years teaching kids to code I’ve learned by myself

    a lot
 in the way of the Constructionism. Not teaching, but assisting learners. ࢲࣗ਎͕ɺߏஙओٛͷํ๏Ͱͨ͘͞Μֶͼ·ͨ͠ɻ ڭҭͰ͸ͳͯ͘ɺֶशࢧԉͩʂ
  10. should I use the word
 “Programming” or “Coding” but always

    wondering… ʮϓϩάϥϛϯάʯͱʮίʔσΟϯάʯ
  11. Battle?? Coding vs. Programming ίʔσΟϯάɹରɹϓϩάϥϛϯά

  12. April 2011 BlackGirlsCode (San Francisco) July 2011 CoderDojo (Ireland) August

    2011 Codecademy (New York) September 2011 "Girls Who Code” Reshma Saujani @TEDxGotham (New York) November 2012 "Let's teach kids to code" Mitchel Resnick @TEDxBeaconStreet Rise of “code/coding” in 2011
  13. old model Programming Business
 Modelling Planning Coding Key
 Punching Creativity

  14. creativity in the new generation Open Source tinkering sharing collaboration

    agile iterative - incremental hacking creative commons remix
  15. new model, more focus on coding Programming Business 

    Planning Coding Creativity Focus Young Learners Physical Computing hardware
  16. coding got the new meaning! Coding Creativity hardware where creativity

    is happening
 Thank YOU !! Let’s code 2 create
 something wonderful

    to make the world better place! https://Code2Create.Club