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World Structure

World Structure

World Structure


Ivaniuk Natallia

August 27, 2017


  1. Draft 3, Material for Discussion 25.01.2015 Ivanyuk Natallia

  2. World Structure Level Aspects Legislature Executive government Judicial government Feed

    back Constitutive government (name?) World 1. Economical 2.Political 3.Social 4.Soul 5.Personal 6.Time 7.Ecological 8.Cosmologi cal 9. Science 10.Culture and History 11. Education 12.Balance/co ntrol 1 IMF union with WTO 2 growth of NATO and union with Russia and etc. 3.Growth of Council of Europe 4.? 5.? 6.? 7.WWF and work with 1. and 2. 8 Intelsat (?) 9. ? 10. ? 11. ? 12.? 1 .2. growth of EU and union with Arab League, USA, UNASUR and etc. 3.? 4.? 5.? 6.? 7. Greenpeace 8.CommitteeonSpac eResearch— COSPAR 9.? 10.? 11.? 12. ? 1 UN 2 UN 3. ICPO 4. ? 5.? 6.? 7. UNEP 8. European Space Agency growth 9.? 10.? 11.? 12.? www.c hange. org and some of this exampl es 12…. Unions & Coalitions EU, Arab League, NATO, SCO and etc. EU, Arab League, IMF, Union du Maghreb arabe, Mediterranean Union, UNASUR, SCO and etc. EU and etc. EU, OSCE and etc. Countries According the ideas of John Locke and Montesquieu + feedback
  3. World Structure Economical aspect, Legislature Countries Continents World IMF, WTO,

    World Bank (?) Eurasia Didn’t cover Monaco, Andorra, Lichtenstein, Nauru, North Korea and etc. North America Didn’t cover Cuba South America Didn’t cover Falkland Islands, Curaçao and etc. Africa Didn’t cover South Sudan, Somalia and etc. Australia Antarctica
  4. World Structure Economical aspect, Executive government Unions & Coalitions Continents

    Unite continents (?) World ? APEC, BRICS, Arab League, SAARC, CARICOM Eurasia EU EFTA Eurasian Customs Union ASEAN CAU ECO North America NAFTA SICA South America UNASUR Africa African Union Australia Australia Antarctica ? DUPLICATES, Need reorganization, reengineering of process:  UNASUR, Mercosur, ACN(?)  Eurasian custom union, CIS, CAU (?)  African Union, CEN-SAD, ECOWAS, ECCAS, SADC, EAC, COMESA, IGAD, CEMAC, SACU, UEMOA, AMU, GAFTA (?)
  5. World Structure Economical aspect, Judicial government Countries/Inter nal territory with

    conflict Continents World UN Eurasia Didn’t cover Abkhazia, South Ossetia and etc. North America South America Africa Didn’t cover RASD and etc. Australia Antarctica
  6. World Structure

  7. Why such organizations  Existing experience and results in spheres

    where work  Existing “weight” in the international level  Tasks and goals what organizations declare  Ambitions of growth  Economical, social and etc. possibilities to change According the ideas of John Locke and Montesquieu: Legislature, Executive and Judicial independent on each other
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