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Chef Update - InSpec & Habitat

Chef Update - InSpec & Habitat

An update on Chef's latest approach to continuous automation.

This presentation was given at the DevOps ATL meetup.


Nathen Harvey

November 01, 2017

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  1. Chef Update Nathen Harvey VP, Community Development @nathenharvey

  2. @nathenharvey Hello! Nathen Harvey VP, Community Development Chef Software, Inc.

    @nathenharvey .
  3. @nathenharvey Meet Online http://tech404.io/

  4. @nathenharvey Introductions •  Hiring? •  Looking for work? •  Attending

    or speaking at a conference? •  Something we all should know? •  Favorite color?
  5. Chef Update Nathen Harvey VP, Community Development @nathenharvey

  6. @nathenharvey Continuous Automation for High Velocity IT The Chef Automate

    Platform Workflow • Local development • Integration • Tooling (APIs & SDKs) COLLABORATE ▪  Package ▪  Test ▪  Approve BUILD ▪  Provision ▪  Configure ▪  Execute ▪  Update DEPLOY ▪  Secure ▪  Comply ▪  Audit ▪  Measure ▪  Log MANAGE Infrastructure Automation Compliance Automation Application Automation AUTOMATION ENGINES Increase Speed ▪  Package infrastructure and app configuration as code ▪  Continuously automate infrastructure and app updates Improve Efficiency ▪  Define and execute standard workflows and automation ▪  Audit and measure effectiveness of automation Decrease Risk ▪  Define compliance rules as code ▪  Deliver continuous compliance as part of standard workflow
  7. @nathenharvey The journey to continuous automation Three steps to improvement

    across all dimensions of software success Detect Correct Automate 1. Detect Gain visibility and develop baselines 2. Correct Remediate priority issues 3. Automate Continuously detect & correct
  8. @nathenharvey

  9. @nathenharvey One Language •  Linux •  Windows •  BSD • 

    Solaris •  AIX •  … and more
  10. @nathenharvey Yup, I said Windows... control 'windows-base-201' do impact 1.0

    title 'Strong Windows NTLMv2 Authentication Enabled' desc 'http://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/823659' describe registry_key('HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa') do it { should exist } its('LmCompatibilityLevel') { should cmp 4 } end end
  11. @nathenharvey One Language •  Bare Metal •  VMs •  Containers

  12. @nathenharvey Test Locally $ inspec exec /path/to/profile

  13. @nathenharvey Test Remotely $ inspec exec /path/to/profile -i ssh.key -t

  14. @nathenharvey Test Remotely $ inspec exec /path/to/profile -t winrm://me@myhost --password

  15. @nathenharvey Test Remotely $ inspec exec /path/to/profile -t docker://3cc8837bb6a8

  16. @nathenharvey Test via Chef Client Runs Chef Client Chef Server

    Chef Automate InSpec via "audit" cookbook
  17. @nathenharvey Test via Test Kitchen verifier: name: inspec inspec_tests: -

    name: company-base compliance: company/base-profile - name: app1 compliance: company/app1-profile
  18. None
  19. @nathenharvey

  20. @nathenharvey We run Infrastructure To run Applications That our Customers

  21. @nathenharvey Application Services What Developers Need Application Runtimes

  22. @nathenharvey Application Services What Developers Need Want Application Runtimes

  23. @nathenharvey https://twitter.com/codinghorror/status/347070841059692545 What Developers Need Want Build

  24. @nathenharvey Lifecycle of any software Build Deploy Run

  25. @nathenharvey

  26. @nathenharvey

  27. @nathenharvey

  28. @nathenharvey Demo •  Build / Package an Application •  Run

    / Manage an Application
  29. @nathenharvey •  Tomorrow •  Crowne Plaza | Atlanta Perimeter at

    Ravinia •  8AM – 1PM – Presentations, demos, lunch •  1PM – 4PM – Hands-on training with Chef Automate and InSpec
  30. @nathenharvey

  31. @nathenharvey https://chefconf.chef.io/ @nathenharvey

  32. @nathenharvey Thank You! Nathen Harvey VP, Community Development Chef Software,

    Inc. @nathenharvey .