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Nathen Harvey
September 23, 2016


A lightning talk introduction to Habitat: Application Automation by Chef.

Given at Surge 2016

Nathen Harvey

September 23, 2016

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  1. None
  2. Build Deploy Manage

  3. Starts with a plan

  4. ©2016 Chef Software Inc. Simple, native, and declaritive pkg_name=redis pkg_origin=core

    pkg_version=3.0.7 pkg_license=('BSD') pkg_maintainer="The Habitat Maintainers <humans@habitat.sh>" pkg_source=http://download.redis.io/releases/${pkg_name}-${pkg_version}.tar.gz pkg_shasum=b2a791c4ea3bb7268795c45c6321ea5abcc24457178373e6a6e3be6372737f23 pkg_bin_dirs=(bin) pkg_build_deps=(core/make core/gcc) pkg_deps=(core/glibc) pkg_svc_run="bin/redis-server $pkg_svc_config_path/redis.config" pkg_expose=(6379) do_build() { make } plan.sh Low abstraction Complete dependencies Declare services Simple functions
  5. Clean room environment Safe by default Installs dependences Built in

    a studio
  6. Central location Publicly hosted Lightweight views Stored in a depot

  7. Easy pattern Shortcuts Increasing specificity Installed by hab

  8. Binaries and Config Metadata Side-by-side Packages on disk

  9. Docker ACI Mesosphere Post-process packages

  10. Run on any 64-bit Linux Easily support proprietary software

  11. Installs automatically Keeps things running Manages configuration Supervisor runs services

  12. Print config options 12-Factor style Externally enforced Environment configuration

  13. More flexible than environment Universal location Externally enforced File configuration

  14. Supervisors form a ring Peers Service Groups Gossip Availability increases

    with scale
  15. Supervisors support topologies Dynamic configuration Service group level Uses the

  16. Supervisors provide update strategies Topology aware Tracks views in the

    depot Ideal for Continuous Delivery
  17. Supervisors provide a REST API External Actors Health and Status

    Supervisor Debugging
  18. Automation travels with the application Existing & Cloud Native Software

    Application Automation
  19. It’s all open source Apache License

  20. Much more to do •  Automated, public build service • 

    More topologies •  More update strategies •  More plans •  More package export formats
  21. https://www.habitat.sh/community/