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Introduction To Docker

Introduction To Docker

Quick introduction to Docker and demo. Presented at Docker Meetup in Ahmedabad.

Niket Patel

August 22, 2015

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  1. Who am I • Niket Patel • @nexneo on Twitter,

    Github • Working at Beehively as Chief Technologist • Docker newbie
  2. Virtualization Pros/Cons • Strong isolation between Virtual Machines • Allows

    for running heterogeneous OS • Overhead of running full OS • Need to maintain Hypervisor + Host OS
  3. What is Docker? • Build • Ship • Run Docker

    is an open platform for building, shipping and running distributed applications.
  4. Common Terms • Docker Image - A Docker image is

    a read-only template. Images are used to create Docker containers. • Docker registries - Docker registries hold images. • Docker Container - A Docker container holds everything that is needed for an application to run. Each container is created from a Docker image.
  5. Again, What is Docker? Docker allows you to package an

    application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development.
  6. Imperfect Analogy By https://labs.ctl.io/ The Box How the Shipping Container

    Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger Arguably Docker is doing same thing to software world
  7. Why use Docker? • Lightweight way to bundle app with

    all dependencies in single container. • Container is static bundle that can run anywhere (needs linux +docker engine) • You can limit container’s resources • Manage containers with docker tools (many third party tools available) • Industry wide support. Google Kubernetes, AWS Container service, AWS Beanstalk, Google container engine • Almost non-existent overhead
  8. Why not Docker? • Can be complex to grasp •

    Weaker isolation compared to Virtual Machines • Applications must run on Linux
  9. Thank you • Ishi systems for hosting • The Ahmedabad

    Java Meetup Group • Docker Ahmedabad Group