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Art & Craft: Using "Lower" Materials

February 23, 2012

Art & Craft: Using "Lower" Materials

Lecture given February 21, 2012


February 23, 2012

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  1. Art  &  Cra(   Using  “Lower”  Materials   Reading  

    Ar#orms,  176-­‐188     Terms/Concepts   “cra(,”  decora?ve  arts,   ceramics,  glass,   metalwork,  wood,  fiber   arts,  tapestry,  crazy  quilt,    
  2.          Art          

                       Cra(   Decora?ve   Func?onal   Homemade   For  the  Home   Feminine   Kitsch   Design   “Low”   Folksy   “High”   Elite   Intellectual   Conceptual   Expressive   Non-­‐Func?onal   Masculine   Studio-­‐Made   For  the  Gallery   Tradi?onal  No?ons   Shi(ing  Percep?ons   Expensive   Cheap  
  3.          Art          

                       Cra(   Wall  Paper   Jewelry   Quilts   Ceramics   Vessels   Clothing   Tapestries   Weaving   Books   Pain?ng   Installa?on   Bronze  Cas?ng   Inks   Sculpture   Drawing   Charcoal   Graphite   Statues   Tradi?onal  No?ons   Shi(ing  Percep?ons   Paints   Furniture  
  4. Patrick   Frank:   “In   a   previous  

    era,   we   might  have  regarded  the  works  in  this   chapter   as   “cra(   works.”     But   in   this   day   and   age   (and   in   this   book!)   they   are  all  art  forms.”    Ar#orms,  2011.  
  5. upcoming exhibition Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective Opens March 25,

    2012 A sweeping retrospective of the designer’s 40 years of creativity, Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective features a stunning selection of 200 haute couture garments along with numerous photographs, drawings, and films that illustrate the development of Saint Laurent's style and the historical foundations of his work. Organized thematically, the presentation melds design and art to explore the full arc of Saint Laurent’s career, from his first days at Dior in 1958 through the splendor of his evening dresses from 2002. The DAM will be the only United States venue for the exhibition. Special exhibition ticket will be required. Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective is organized by the Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent in collaboration with the Denver Art Museum. Major support is provided by Jana and Fred Bartlit, Mike Leprino Family Foundation, Neiman Marcus, and Larimer Square. Additional support is provided by Elisabeth and William Armstrong, Fine Arts Foundation, CBS Outdoor, Grey Goose. the citizens who support the Scientific and Cultural Facilities Image Credits
  6. architecture, design & graphics North Building, Levels 2 & 6

    Our diverse architecture, design, and graphics collection encompasses a broad range of design practices, including architecture, decorative design, graphic design, industrial design, and functional craft. The museum is also the steward of the AIGA Design Archives, a major acquisition received by the museum in 2006 representing the most comprehensive holding of American graphic design from 1980 to the present in the world. This collection of more than 6,000 objects is augmented annually with a gift of about 300 award-winning items from the year’s AIGA design competitions. Follow the links below to view selections from the architecture, design, and graphics collection. Please note that not all works shown below are currently on view. For more information about this collection, visit designcouncil.denverartmuseum.org. Association, Quicksilver Messenger Service, “Space” chaise longue, Karim Rashid
  7. Ques?ons  to  ask  yourself…   1.  Why  do  you  think

     these  boundaries  existed?   2.  Do  you  think  these  boundaries  s?ll  exist?    Do   you  think  these  boundaries  are  s?ll  relevant?   3.  Why  are  some  media  befer  represented  in   museums  than  others?   4.  How  do  the  tradi?onal  no?ons  of  art  and   cra(  inform  the  meaning  of  works  or  the   decisions  of  ar?sts?  
  8. Glass   Silica  Sand   45%   Soda  Ash  

    15%   Limestone   10%   Recycled  Glass  Cullet   30%  
  9. Line  as  Form   Dale  Chihuly,  Fountain,  2004,  Atlanta  Botanical

  10. Miriam  Schapiro,  Tapestry  of   Paradise,  1981.    Fabric,  Acrylic,

  11. Crazy  Quilt,  c.  1890.   Miriam  Schapiro,  Tapestry  of  Paradise,

      1981.    Fabric,  Acrylic,  Gli;er.    
  12. Faith  Ringgold,   The  Tar  Beach,   1988.  

  13. Faith  Ringgold,  The  Tar   Beach,  1988.   Celes?ne  Bacheller,

      Story  Quilt,  c.   1890-­‐1900.  
  14. Cra(  and  Feminism   Judy  Chicago,  The  Dinner  Party,  

    1974-­‐1979.   Embroidery,  Weaving,  TaGng,   Ceramics.  
  15. Judy  Chicago,  Emily  Dickinson  Sekng,  The  Dinner  Party,  1974.  

    Embroidery,  Weaving,  TaGng,  Ceramics.  
  16. Judy  Chicago,  Emily  Dickinson   Plate,    The  Dinner  Party,

     1974.   Ceramics.  
  17. Judy  Chicago,  The  Dinner  Party,  1974-­‐1979.  Embroidery,  Weaving,   TaGng.

  18. Judy  Chicago  and  Collaborators  working  on  the  Emily  Dickinson  Place

      Sekng,  1974-­‐1979.    
  19. Judy  Chicago  and  Collaborators  working  in  the  pofery  workshop  on

     the   Georgia  O’Keefe  Plate,  1974-­‐1979.