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Book of the Dead

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October 03, 2013

Book of the Dead



October 03, 2013


  1. The  Book  of  the  Dead  

  2. Judgment  of  Hunefer  from  his  Book  of  the  Dead,  New

      Kingdom,  1285  BCE   The  DeclaraBon  of  Innocence:    “I  have  not  caused  pain,  /  I  have  not   caused  tears.  /  I  have  not  killed,  /  I  have  not  ordered  to  kill,  /  I  have  not   made  anyone  to  suffer.”    This  secBon  ends  with  him  declaring  that  he  is   “pure”  and  that  “no  evil  should  befall  [him].”    
  3. The  DeclaraBon  of  the  42  Judges:    “O  Bone-­‐  smasher,

      who  comes  from  Hnes,  I  have  not  told  lies.”     Judgment  of  Hunefer  from  his  Book  of  the  Dead,  New   Kingdom,  1285  BCE  
  4. The  Address  to  the  Gods:  “[I]  have  given  bread  to

     the   hungry,  /  Water  to  the  thirsty,  /  Clothes  to  the  naked,  /  A   ferryboat  to  the  boatless.”     Judgment  of  Hunefer  from  his  Book  of  the  Dead,  New   Kingdom,  1285  BCE  
  5. “The  First  InterrogaBon”  The  deceased  is  tested  on  the  mysteries

     of   Osiris  and  the  gods.    When  is  knowledge  is  confirmed  by  his  answers  he   is  told,  “Come  then,  enter  the  gate  of  this  Hall  of  the  Two  Truths,  /  For   you  know  us.”     3-­‐35,  Judgment  of  Hunefer  from  his  Book  of  the  Dead,   New  Kingdom,  1285  BCE  
  6. “The  Second  InterrogaBon”:  The  hall  itself  tests  the  deceased  further.

        With  each  challenge  the  deceased  must  respond  with  the  challenger’s   name.  “  ‘I  shall  not  open  for  you,’  /  Says  the  bolt-­‐clasp  of  this  gate,  /   ‘Unless  you  tell  my  name,’  /  ‘Eye-­‐of-­‐Sobk-­‐Lord-­‐of-­‐Bakhu  is  your  name.’  ”     3-­‐35,  Judgment  of  Hunefer  from  his  Book  of  the  Dead,   New  Kingdom,  1285  BCE  
  7. The  Weighing  of  the  Heart   3-­‐35,  Judgment  of  Hunefer

     from  his  Book  of  the  Dead,   New  Kingdom,  1285  BCE   Hunefer   Anubis   Heart   Maat   Maat   Ammut   Thoth   Anubis   Hunefer   Horus   Osiris   Isis  and  Nephthys   Nekbhet  
  8. The  Judgment  of  Ani,  From  the  Papyrus  of   Ani,

     21st  Dynasty,  c.