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SkimaTalk Teacher Guidelines Summary

February 03, 2023

SkimaTalk Teacher Guidelines Summary

SkimaTalk Teacher Guidelines [Summary]


February 03, 2023

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  1. Matching of the needs 2 SkimaTalk connects English learners with

    English teachers around the world One-on-one English lessons with native English teachers around the world 25 minute online lessons via Skype I want to find my teachers! I want to find my students! English Learners English Teachers
  2. The 3 easy steps to becoming a teacher 3 Signup

    & Create your page Interview by Video Recording Take a simple test & Activate your page Free sessions (3 sessions) $8 / 25 min* $?? / 25 min** Before teaching Teaching sessions *The price will automatically change from $0 to $8 after the 3 free sessions are booked or conducted. You won’t conduct more than 3 free sessions. ** Once the system automatically sets your price at $8, you will be able to set your own price (up to $30 / 25 min) if you choose to do so.
  3. You’ll have your own page that allows you to establish

    your online reputation/brand and stand out to potential students. 4
  4. Session notifications: When a student books one of your sessions,

    you will receive a notification via email: “Your SkimaTalk session is booked!” 5 Dear XXXX: You are scheduled to conduct a SkimaTalk learning session on: 08/04 Sat 07:00 - 07:25 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada). Add to Google calendar The student's name is Masako. The student's Skype ID is abcdef. Session Type: Free Conversation* * This type of lesson ("Free Conversation") indicates that no particular SkimaTalk course was chosen. It means that the style of the session is "free" or "unstructured" and we ask you to use this session time to discuss productive lesson goals/plans with your student. Student's Learning Goal: I would like to speak English more naturally and precisely. All session times are displayed based on the time zone you selected in your profile. Please call the student via Skype Video at the scheduled time. (To view our cancellation policy, please visit our FAQ page.) It is important that your lesson plan meets the student's goals. To view the student's learning goals, please select the student's photo in the "Upcoming Sessions" section of your teacher profile. Good teaching! - The SkimaTalk Team SkimaTalk, Inc. http://www.skimatalk.com Click to go to the student’s page
  5. Other important items 6 1. Payment • SkimaTalk collects 100%

    of the session price from students. • Teachers receive 80% of the session price (minus applicable PayPal fees). • Teachers are paid once a month. • Cancellation / No-show penalty: - US$3 (Cancellation) or US$9 (No-show) will be deducted from your next payment. 2. Content of sessions • Our learning tools, course materials, and teacher guidelines will help you, but outside sources are encouraged if they improve your sessions. • Giving feedback is critical. 3. Availability • No minimum requirement. • However, successful teachers = lots of availability scheduled. 4. Process • You must hit the “I’m Ready” button at the beginning of EVERY session.
  6. Best practices: Things you SHOULD DO 7 1. Hit the

    “I’m Ready” button at the beginning of EVERY session. 2. Be punctual! It’s best to be a few minutes early to each session. 3. Adjust your speaking speed according to the student's ability level. 4. Use the Skype message box very frequently 5. Give feedback very frequently 6. Prepare a learning plan! 7. Say hello and goodbye before and after each session. 8. Leave feedback after the session on the SkimaTalk website 9. List lots of available sessions!
  7. DON’Ts: Here are some important things to avoid! 8 1.

    Don’t fail to show-up (No-show) • DON’T rely on students’ online/offline status • DON’T wait to call until your student accepts your Skype contact request. (Many students won’t accept but you can (and should!) still call) • Verify your Skype privacy setting as shown ---> • 5 min. late = No-show! 2. Don’t ask for your student’s email address • It’s private information; just use Skype! 3. Don’t conduct sessions at a Café 4. Don’t turn off video without student’s consent • Only exception: Internet connection is bad 5. Don’t speak too quickly (native speed)! 6. Don’t forget to give feedback 7. Don’t eat, chew gum, or consume alcohol during SkimaTalk sessions
  8. Scheduling your availability 9 - Go to ‘My Page’ after

    logging in. - Click the ‘Open Sessions’ button - Choose the date, time, and number of sessions. - Click ‘Add to Open Sessions’. That’s it!
  9. Scheduling your availability – FAQ (1) 10 Q. My open

    sessions disappeared before the scheduled session time. What happened? Teachers can schedule 3 types of open sessions: (1) If you schedule sessions between 30 minutes and 3 hours into the future, those sessions remain open up until 30 minutes before the session time. You must remain free and near your computer during that time period in case a student signs up. (2) If you schedule sessions between 3 hours and 12 hours into the future, sessions remain open up until 3 hours before the session time. You must check for notifications via e-mail at least once an hour. (3) If you schedule sessions between 12 hours and 8 days into the future, sessions remain open up until 12 hours before the session time.
  10. Scheduling your availability – FAQ (2) 11 Q. How do

    I prevent open sessions from expiring before the scheduled session time? We provide additional scheduling flexibility for our experienced teachers (>25 completed session). Experienced teachers can choose whether or not open sessions will expire at 12 hours, 3 hours, and 30 minutes prior to the scheduled session time. To prevent sessions from expiring, please take the following steps: - Login to your SkimaTalk profile. - Go to your profile 'Settings', and select the 'Session Expiration' tab. - Select the 'OFF' button next to each session type that you DO NOT want to expire. * Regardless of the option selected, ALL sessions will expire 5 minutes prior to the session time. ** If you elect for sessions not to expire until 5 minutes prior to the session, it is important that you check your ‘Upcoming Lessons’ page frequently, as there can be a delay in delivery of session confirmation emails. Checking your ‘Upcoming Lessons’ page frequently will ensure you don’t miss any sessions!