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Crowdsourcing Patent Examination

Nick Grossman
December 03, 2014

Crowdsourcing Patent Examination

Nick Grossman

December 03, 2014

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  1. @nickgrossman Nick Grossman, Union Square Ventures | @nickgrossman crowdsourcing patent

    examination USPTO Roundtable discussion, 12/2/14
  2. @nickgrossman

  3. @nickgrossman 1) why this matters to us 2) on platforms

    3) crowdsourcing + patents
  4. @nickgrossman 1) why this matters to us

  5. @nickgrossman startup internet companies 
 aren’t built on good patents,

 they are killed by bad patents
  6. @nickgrossman major concerns: patent quality quick, inexpensive resolution

  7. @nickgrossman 2) on platforms

  8. @nickgrossman participation is a cultural shift, not a technical shift

  9. @nickgrossman structured participation works

  10. @nickgrossman APIs as crowdsourcing

  11. @nickgrossman 3) crowdsourcing + patents

  12. @nickgrossman big opportunity: better information, less time

  13. @nickgrossman big risks: more, not better, information wasted investment

  14. @nickgrossman ideal approach: engage, experiment, refine

  15. @nickgrossman [email protected] thanks!