No Time for Types

No Time for Types

Presented at JSConf US 2018 on August 21st, 2018

We already know the advantages of typed programming languages — from code completion to refactoring to compile-time errors. But saving time in the future doesn’t create a free-flowing subprime time loan we can borrow from to rework our code right now. In this talk, we’ll discuss the various stages of avoidance we go through to justify the position that “types aren’t for us”. We’ll break these down to show the true, non-hyped advantages types bring to any project and will demonstrate gradually adopting typed JavaScript as part of a normal workflow. We’ll discover that having a single champion of typed JavaScript on your project can ease adoption. Finally, we’ll explore workflows that let us find and categorize potential problems when we want to instead of having perpetually squiggly red lines shouting at us from our editor.


Nick Nisi

August 21, 2018