MongoDB and REST APIs A Match Made in Heaven

MongoDB and REST APIs A Match Made in Heaven

Exposing MongoDB over the internet through a RESTful API is becoming a common pattern, and for very good reasons. Your REST API provides a nice layer of abstraction, isolation and validation above the actual datastore while providing access to all kind of clients. At the same time MongoDB, with its BSON store, is ideal for serving data over the Internet. But designing first, and then building a robust and scalable REST API is not an easy task.

EVE is an open source framework allowing anyone to effortlessly expose MongoDB data sources over highly customizable, fully featured RESTful Web Services. Initially developed to solve our own internal use case, EVE has been getting a lot of traction since its open source release in 2012.

In this talk I will go through the reasons that make MongoDB a good match for most RESTful APIs. I will then show some prominent EVE features and illustrate how one can quickly and easily go online with a RESTful MongoDB front-end. I also plan to illustrate some common pitfalls on MongoDB+EVE/REST deployments.


Nicola Iarocci

October 16, 2015