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Python on Windows Like a Boss

Python on Windows Like a Boss

Historically, Python coding on Windows has been kind of troublesome, but not anymore. Since a couple of years ago it is possible write awesome quality Python code with Visual Studio. This is good news for Python developers of all levels, because Visual Studio offers and incredible set of tools to enhance all the stages of product development: from managing virtual environments and handling package management, to writing and refactoring code, up to testing & debugging - all of that for free. In this talk I will demo how you can use PTVS to boost your Python development on Windows.

Presented at PyCon 8, Italy, on April 9, 2017.

Nicola Iarocci

April 09, 2017

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  1. 2 Who Am I Nicola Iarocci, a weirdo Python by

    Night I am the author and maintainer of a few Python open source projects: python-eve.org, python-cerberus.org, and more. Microsoft MVP MongoDB Master I also happen to be a Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies and a MongoDB Master. Communities I run DevRomagna, a developers community, and CoderDojo Ravenna, a coding club for kids. http:/ /devromagna.org C# by Day I am the author of Sofware Gestionali Amica, a line of accounting and invoicing applications for Italian small businesses. Check it out at http:/ /gestionaleamica.com
  2. 3 You know the drill. If you’re on Vim you’re

    also on bash. Or zsh. Or fish. Or whatever. Vim The most awesome text editor ever made by human beings (Emacs is good too). iTerm iTerm2 brings the terminal into the modern age with features you never knew you always wanted Bash OSX Long story short, until not too long ago doing Python on Windows was a (major) pain in the ass. Python Hacking by night
  3. 4 Visual Studio Most awesome IDE ever made by human

    beings. No kidding. VsVim Perfect Vim emulator for Visual Studio. Windows I write desktop apps so Visual Studio Mac and VS Code are not an option (yet?) .NET Framework Most awesome framework ever made by human beings. No kidding. C# Coding by day
  4. 5 I have been living a utopian dream that became

    a dystopian nightmare Nightmare
  5. 6

  6. 7 Open Source Formerly known as Python Tools for Visual

    Studio, developed in the open at github.com/microsoft/PTVS Made With Love by Core developers. Steve Dower, main contributor to PTVS, is also a Python Core developer. 100% Free VS Community Edition, best Windows IDE, is free to use. Check it out at: visualstudio.com/vs/community/ Python for Visual Studio Python on Windows like a boss
  7. 8 Visual Studio Community 100% free Python experience in the

    Visual Studio IDE Education. Any number of users may use the software to develop and test applications as part of online or in person classroom training and education, or for academic research. 01 Open Source Projects. Any number of your users may use the software to develop and test your applications released under Open Source Institute (OSI)-approved licenses. 02 Individuals. If you are an individual working on your own applications to sell or for any other purpose, you may use the software to develop and test those applications. 03 Small Teams. Up to 5 of your individual users can use the software concurrently to develop and test your applications. 04
  8. 14 We will install the needed dependencies directly from the

    requirements.txt file, at project creation. Package Management Virtual Environments Dependencies will be installed in a virtual environment specific to our website project, in perfect isolation. Python Templates We will use the FlaskWebProject pre-built template which comes with the Python Workload. Let’s build a Web Site Using Flask and Visual Studio
  9. 20 We will learn how to leverage VIsual Studio GUI

    to commit changes to our repository. Git Support GitHub Support Once the game is updated we will push our changes upstream. Import Code We will see how we can import existing Python code into Visual Studio. Let’s play a game? Or, dealing with existing code and Version Control
  10. 24 https:/ /github.com/Microsoft/PTVS GitHub Getting Started with Python Development using

    Visual Studio http:/ /bit.ly/1plyaiT YouTube http:/ /bit.ly/2n6yW6K Documentation https:/ /www.visualstudio.com/vs/python/ Python for Visual Studio Get Started! Check out these great resources