Honest Marketing

C367948a0b16e9f060f735ebe94cff39?s=47 Nicole Fenton
October 30, 2014

Honest Marketing

Most marketing sucks. But you’re making something you love and care about, and it’s not going to sell itself. In this workshop, I share principles and activities for writing honestly and promoting your work.


Nicole Fenton

October 30, 2014


  1. Honest Marketing ! Nicole Fenton @nicoleslaw nicolefenton.com

  2. • Tips for writing honestly • Ways to introduce your

    products that fit your style • A checklist for writing product pages
  3. The M Word

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  5. –Best Clients Ever “We want to tell our story, but

    we don’t know how to do it in a way that sounds like us.”
  6. Marketing Copy • Ads • Blog posts* • Customer stories

    • FAQs* • Newsletters • Packaging • Product descriptions • Promotions • Social media • Taglines
  7. –Robert W. Bly, The Copywriter’s Handbook “For copy to convince

    the consumer to buy the product, it must do three things: get attention, communicate, and persuade.”
  8. • Respect the reader’s attention and intelligence. • Focus on

    benefits. • Be sincere.
  9. –Austin Kleon, Show Your Work “You want hearts, not eyeballs.”

  10. Truth

  11. • Don’t lie. • Don’t overpromise. • Stick to the

    facts and verify them. • Be true to the spirit of your company.
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  15. Activity 1: Feeeeelings

  16. • Why is this product interesting to you? • What’s

    your favorite thing about it? • Why did you decide to make it? How does it fit into the world you want to live in? • If someone was telling a friend about it, what would you want them to say?
  17. Voice

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  21. Activity 2:
 Voice Attributes

  22. My Voice • clear, not clever • honest, not insensitive

    • friendly, not overly casual • thoughtful, not academic • youthful, not childish
  23. Read It
 Out Loud

  24. • Is it clear? • Does it sound like you?

    • Is every word true? • Can you cut adjectives or modifiers?
  25. Q&A