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The Liberators German User Group: Backlog Refinement Cards - Workshop (eng)

Nils Hyoma
November 29, 2023

The Liberators German User Group: Backlog Refinement Cards - Workshop (eng)

Slides for the Session for "The Liberators - German User Group"

The Board in the Miroverse: https://miro.com/miroverse/backlog-refinement-workshop-template/
The Cards: https://github.com/nilsbert/Backlog-Refinement-Cards

The Liberators - German User Group: https://www.meetup.com/the-liberators-network-german-user-group/

Nils Hyoma

November 29, 2023


  1. Impromptu Networking What was/is an experiment that you have conducted

    during requirements gathering, or which one would you like to conduct?
  2. Objectives – What are you learning today? 1. Trying out

    the Backlog Refinement Cards 2. Learning the benefits of gamification 3. Making new contacts
  3. Agenda • Introduction of the Hosts • Impromptu Networking •

    Objectives • Introduction of the app 'Skip the Baggage Carousel‘ • 40 minutes Group Work: Exploring the cards and the 'User Story' • Comparing solutions • Sharing observations Feedback
  4. Group Exercise Task: "Refinement of the 'Skip The Baggage Carousel'

    User Story" Background: Your young and overenthusiastic Product Owner has created a User Story for the "Skip The Baggage Carousel App" that, according to initial estimates, encompasses 50 Story Points. However, according to your team rules, you do not accept stories with more than 12 Story Points. Objective: Break down and refine the User Story so that its complexity is reduced without losing the actual value and core requirements. Instructions: Read the vision, documentation, and User Story. Consider which Refinement Cards you could apply to reduce complexity. Drag the cards to the respective places. Note: The main goal is not to create perfect new User Stories but to identify major sources of complexity and devise strategies for their refinement.