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REST in Flask (And small client-side intro)

Dd577613da0f8941fba3932e713f6789?s=47 Yehor Nazarkin
September 16, 2012

REST in Flask (And small client-side intro)

This is my keynote from the first DneprPy meetup about building restful APIs on top of the Flask framework and chaplin.js clien-side


Yehor Nazarkin

September 16, 2012


  1. REST in Flask raising

  2. RESTin

  3. RESTin

  4. RESTin

  5. Why Flask?as

  6. Why Flask?as

  7. Achievementsyes,

  8. Achievementsyes,

  9. Achievementsyes,

  10. Achievementsyes,

  11. Validationresource

  12. Validationresource

  13. Validationresource

  14. Roadmap no,

  15. Otherside Chaplin.js Based on top of the Backbone.js Set of

    AMD modules Extends MVC, event-driven Still a lightweight tool from
  16. Otherside Almost forget All client side is written with CoffeeScript

    Win: Extended dialect (inheritance, list comprehensions, context pass etc.) Less visual garbage (indentation match, no braces, string interpolation) Easy to read, cause you read much more often than write (I hope) Fail: You have to learn from
  17. Otherside Components from

  18. Questions?write