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To Flask or not to Flask

To Flask or not to Flask

Slides for my speech at DneprPy community meet-up #1


Yehor Nazarkin

February 24, 2013


  1. To Flask or not to Flask

  2. Contents • Werkzeug • Jinja2 • Glue and Stick

  3. Full stack? • Never pretends, but someone tries to... •

    Tired on handling contexts? • In case of accident, use Django or whatever
  4. Again There no convenient ways, just best- practices and recommendations

    Lack of out of the box solutions But you can be the first one to
  5. First steps Keeping all stuff in couple of modules? Read

    on flask.pocoo.org about cool “Growing big” techniques Have to go deeper!
  6. Deeper Application Context Request Context

  7. Even more deeper Extensions like Flask-SQLAlchemy, Flask- Security, etc. are

    the nice source for inspiration
  8. SQLAlchemy The only ORM

  9. Jinja2 The only template engine

  10. Python3 No way. For the God’s sake, no way! Why?

  11. Flask in production Take another 5 minutes to think

  12. Flask in production Think twice

  13. Flask in production Think even more

  14. Flask in production Fast prototyping Quick start Tones of docs

    and cook-books Widely spread across community
  15. Flask in production Dude, you think about Django

  16. Flask in production BUT

  17. Flask in production Special cases are not a myth: NoSQL,

    Complex relations, no fucking shitty- made and poor-extensible admin site, fast and powerful template engine, your name is Armin, your name is Yehor, pain in ass
  18. So give it a chance To bring all those Django-based

    prototypes to life Disclaimer: Speaker is not responsive for your time lost, health diseases, hodgie code and project deadlines