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Designer's and Engineer's Thinking Styles

August 03, 2023

Designer's and Engineer's Thinking Styles


August 03, 2023

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  1. @ninjinkun • Senior Software Engineer at Launchable, Inc. • Enterprise

    SaaS startup in the US • Frontend Engineering and UI Design • 75% Engineer, 25% UI Designer Designer 25% Engineer 75%
  2. A typical conflict on development 🙅 🙋 Can you change

    these button to separate colors? No, because they are the same component Designer Engineer
  3. Designers: Top down thinking • Responsible for user experience •

    Design starts with empathy for users • Focus: Managing users’ perceptions/ emotions/thoughts User’s life Button Web page User’s behavior … User’s goal
  4. Engineers: Bottom up thinking • Responsible for building and maintenance

    • Computer science is built on building blocks • Focus: Managing code/system complexity HTML/CSS/JS CPU Button OS Web Browser Compiler …
  5. We need both! • Designers + Bottom up: To reduce

    complexity • Engineers + Top down: To improve usability 🤝