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You're Already Doing Just Fine: Thoughts on Self-Optimization

You're Already Doing Just Fine: Thoughts on Self-Optimization

This talk takes a look at the quantified-self and self-optimization movements and the ways we track and measure our bodies and activities. It looks into the ways that culture and politics influence the need for self-improvement and argues for a gentler, more compassionate approach — one defined by our own values, not someone else’s.

Noelle Daley

April 24, 2018

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  1. you’re already doing Just Fine Thoughts on Trying to Track,

    Do, and Be All the Things Noelle Daley @elnoelle April 2018
  2. Every day we’re told we can be smarter more productive

    healthier ...as long as we have discipline and data!
  3. How did we get here? We’re naturally hardwired to be

    self centered Culture teaches us we are rational and must strive to be our best
  4. HOw do we know we’re enough? 10,000 steps? 4 hour

    workweek? Only eating vegetables? Daily meditation?
  5. My Story This led to: - Obsession - Stress -

    Feeling inadequate - Feeling lost - Exhaustion
  6. Or, if you’re morbid... You’re gonna die someday. You might

    as well enjoy the person you ARE rather than battle yourself every single day
  7. This does mean Embracing the radical motherfucking notion that you

    are worth more than your data more than your labor more than your body
  8. Links not in any particular order, and not exactly a

    gospel, but - Sara Hendren Improving Ourselves to Death - Alexandra Schwartz