Identifying the Risks and Minimising the Impact

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September 27, 2011

Identifying the Risks and Minimising the Impact

An eSafety presentation by Simon Finch. Presented at the South Tees Local Children’s Safeguarding Board. November 2009



September 27, 2011


  1. Identifying the Risks and Minimising the Impact South Tees Local

    Children’s Safeguarding Board 3rd November 09
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  4. Three Things Bad things Value for money Improve performance Policies

    Practice Training and Infrastructure
  5. A parent asks you, a teacher, for advice about webcams,

    stating that all their child’s friends seem to have them and they were wondering which one to buy. How do you respond?
  6. Who’s watching who?

  7. And while we’re talking about impersonation

  8. Hi Sarah!

  9. None
  10. A friend said: ‘Ashleigh was very outgoing and had loads

    of friends..He told her he was 16 ..Hurworth School where Ashleigh did her GCSEs, said: ‘I can’t believe it. She was the nicest kid in the universe..She’d always have a smile for you walking down the corridor. She was very polite and no trouble at all.’
  11. Personal Details

  12. Peers

  13. ‘There’s a website created by my pupils listing children no

    one likes and their parents are telling me to do something about it’
  14. Having Fun

  15. Cyberbullying - it’s criminal Offences include •harassment •bullying •assault And

    extend across the community and beyond
  16. The Other Grooming

  17. None
  18. Whose Fault?

  19. A parent says that a virus attached to a task

    on the VLE has infected their computer and would like compensation. What is your response? X 100?
  20. In School Policies and Practices - embed e-safety into all

    areas of curriculum and activity
  21. ‘The children use their mobile phones to send porn via

    bluetooth - before and after school’ primary head teacher Who can bluetooth a child in school grounds?
  22. Filtering web access Inappropriate (local) e.g. youtube myspace msn Illegal

    (at source) race hate weapons child abuse
  23. Filtering web access Know your filtering policies Log those changes

  24. Monitoring Are staff with responsibility for managing filtering, network access

    and monitoring adequately supervised by a member of SLT? Have appropriate teaching and/or technical members of staff attended training on the filtering system? Senior staff will ensure that regular checks are made to ensure that the filtering methods selected are appropriate, effective and reasonable.
  25. Protecting the Adults Acceptable? •Social networking •Online commerce •Jokes •Images

    •Who uses your kit? •Who knows your passwords? •Encrypting information •Who’s using your systems? •Who wants to be in the News of the World?
  26. Acceptable? • use a personal camera phone in class to

    record a magic moment when a pupil’s work demonstrates their learning. • send a comforting message to the child who is struggling to revise in a home with unsupportive parents and making progress against all the odds. • Out of school, if a child sends an instant message saying they’re bored –some teachers may engage with them in an attempt to motivate and encourage. • A teacher may suggest to a child new to the area that they use a social networking site to make friends may be held responsible if the child is subsequently a victim of cyberbullying - or worse.
  27. As members of a skilled and trusted profession, teachers are

    responsible for reflecting on their own conduct and practice and ensuring that they meet the standards required of them. GTC Code of Conduct and Practice for Registered Teachers
  28. ‘I love seeing teachers outside of school. It's like seeing

    a dog walk on its hind legs.’ (Mean Girls 2004)
  29. Teachers are making offensive comments about their headteacher on Facebook.

    How would you respond?
  30. Parents/carers are making offensive comments about their headteacher on Facebook.

    How would you respond?
  31. Having the Time of My Life ‘..Naomi Brady, national U-18

    champion, had their funding pulled and coaching suspended after the Lawn Tennis Association found pictures of them drinking beer, partying and, in Ms Brady's case, posing at a nightclub with her legs wrapped around a vending machine.’
  32. ‘I don’t think someone like that is fit to teach

    my child’ concerned parent How would you respond?
  33. What Price Privacy?

  34. Too ill to work

  35. Too much information Bad Teacher

  36. Tweeting (a Head)

  37. Web1 to Web2.0

  38. Guidance •Separate personal from professional •Protect your information •Think about

    your profile picture •Think about what you are publishing •Be professional
  39. Guidance continued Protect your image Even though you don't post

    pictures you may find that your friends ‘tag’ you. Talk to your friends and contacts Remind them that you work with children Pupils are not online friends They have friends!
  40. They Come, They Go

  41. Dealing With an E-Safety Incident

  42. Two Things Nothing can be deleted There’s no such thing

    as private
  43. Next Steps • Identify an e safety contact in school/organisation

    • Form an e safety team and AGREE AUPs • Keep an e safety incident log • Log filter changes • Understand reporting procedures in school and beyond • Develop policies and practices for all • Work with parents and carers • Use the experience and resources available from your LA and the Northern Grid
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