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Learn You a Kotlin for All The Good It Will Do You

Learn You a Kotlin for All The Good It Will Do You

Presented at BCS SPA 2016


Nat Pryce

June 27, 2016


  1. Learn you a Kotlin for all the good it will

    do you
  2. Kotlin: A(nother) post-Java JVM language Conservative improvement to Java –

    consistent, concise, avoids ascii-art APIs Led by JetBrains – good tooling from the outset Open source – but not a huge community Modern-ish type system - type inference, null safe, generics, lambdas, declaration-site variance - but no type classes, higher-kinded types Fast compile times – as good as Java Easy interop with existing Java APIs - maybe too easy? Good for Android - almost no runtime, compiles to Java 6 bytecode Scala
  3. Apparent strategy to drive adoption

  4. But with good tool support

  5. The most popular of its closest competitors

  6. Some way to go to worry Scala

  7. Putting that into perspective w.r.t. Java

  8. More info... Kotlin website https://kotlinlang.org/ Kotlin devlopment blog http://blog.jetbrains.com/kotlin Slack

    channel http://kotlinlang.slack.com/ Reddit discussions https://reddit.com/r/kotlin Stack Overflow Q&A use the "kotlin" tag Try Kotlin online http://try.kotlinlang.org/
  9. Let's translate some Java into Kotlin...