Writing Effective PHP

Writing Effective PHP

- Type: Mid-level
- Length: 30min

## If I attend your session, what practical capability will I bring back to my team and be able to implement next week?

This talk is designed to help you make effective use of modern PHP. You will learn about: Preventing bugs using defensive programming, designing and creating objects, when and how to use immutability, write the public API of a class, composition over inheritance and how to write and set up high-quality tests.

## Summary

PHP has evolved massively since its first days, and it's on the road to a full-featured language. However, at the same time, there is a lot of outdated information and libraries with poorly written code.

This talk is about writing PHP Code that is: safe, robust, and maintainable. We are going to cover a set of rules, that if you follow them; they will get you on the habit of writing code well.

Get ready for a 25 min live-coding session, where I go through practical examples. You will learn how to design classes, how to think about your API to prevent breaking changes, and discover concepts around designing and creating objects, when and how to use immutability, and much more.

## Speaker

Salut! My name is Nuno Maduro, and I am a member of the PHP community for a long time now. Last year, I made a total of 2,562 open source contributions. And I have spoken at conferences such as PHP Serbia, Laracon EU, ForumPHP France, or Laravel Live India.

I have a close relationship with the Laravel community, as I have contributed to the core of the framework. I also have created tons of open source packages such as PHP Insights, Laravel Zero, Scout Extended, Collision, Larastan, and more.

I also maintain the open source API clients and integrations at Algolia, where I have to write robust, safe, and maintainable code.

Early this year, I have launched my premium video course: https://nunomaduro.com/writing-effective-php.


Nuno Maduro

June 17, 2019