The Illustrated Children’s Guide to Istio

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July 06, 2019

The Illustrated Children’s Guide to Istio

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The Illustrated Children’s Guide to Istio
The Illustrated Children’s Guide to Istioと題してMicroServicesやServiceMesh、Istioに関しての概念や使い方に関する紙芝居を行います。ぜひ、皆さん上演時間外で質問も受け付けますのでお立ち寄りください。このブースはソフトウェアエンジニアリングを子供たちに説明しようとするすべての親に捧げます。



July 06, 2019


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  5. side-car proxy • A sidecar proxy is an application design

    pattern which abstracts certain features, such as inter- service communications, monitoring and security, away from the main architecture to ease the tracking and maintenance of the application as a whole.
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  10. Controller Plane • Provides policy and configuration for services in

    the mesh. • Takes a set of isolated stateless sidecar proxies and turns them into a service mesh. • Does not touch any packets/requests in the system.
  11. Data Plane • touches every packet/request in the system. •

    is responsible for service discovery, health checking, routing, load balancing, authentication, authorization, and observability.
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  13. • Kubernetes has used an Ingress controller to handle the

    traffic that enters the cluster from the outside. • Istio has replaced the familiar Ingress resource with new Gateway and VirtualServices resources.
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