Creative Saviour Complex

Creative Saviour Complex

During my last year of college, I had the dream of saving my home, Nigeria, with code — of using my skills to “make a difference.” I found out much later that rather than being the bearer of good things, I was suffering from a condition I dub Creative Savior Complex. After that realization, my attitude towards art and activism changed significantly. In this talk I will firstly catalog the symptoms of Creative Savior Complex in the hopes of those suffering will recognize it in themselves and then go through the silly, satirical and more personal projects I started making after that shift. I want to encourage people to not be reactionary (especially in times like this) and think more critically about their creative activist work. To make small, specific, and even silly critiques of the world around them before espousing solutions.


Omayeli Arenyeka

September 08, 2018