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貢献できるOSSの見つけ方 / How to find "Good First Issues"

貢献できるOSSの見つけ方 / How to find "Good First Issues"

Roppongi.js#4「貢献できるOSSの見つけ方 -How to find "Good First Issues"-」


Masato Ohba

June 26, 2018

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  1. How to find "Good First Issues" How to find "Good

    First Issues" Quipper Limited at Roppongi.js#4 @ohbarye
  2. If you: If you: want to contribute OSS are struggling

    to nd a repository or an issue to contribute (would rather you preferred major OSS ) This talk would be helpful to you.
  3. Content Content A tip to nd "Good First Issues" with

    a script to make an issue list. This talk focuses on just a way to nd them. See if you want to know next steps. OSS 貢献超入門
  4. Apply the and labels to issues in your repository to

    highlight opportunities for people to contribute to your project. https://help.github.com/articles/helping-new- contributors- nd-your-project-with-labels/
  5. To make it, I wrote a simple script in .

    1. Call GitHub GraphQL API 2. Format its response 3. Create CSV https://github.com/ohbarye/goo
  6. Once we can easily get data via the GitHub API,

    it's not a hard task to format the data.
  7. Now that we have the candidate list, all we have

    to do is check issues one by one.
  8. NOTE NOTE I used to nd issues with this way,

    but... It cannot sort repositories by stars count It cannot reject wrong usage of "good rst issue" It noti es me every when an issue is updated In short, that was too noisy.
  9. At least, I could have contributed some popular repositories even

    though I was not familiar with them. e.g. Node.js
  10. Let's find your "good first issues" Let's find your "good

    first issues" And contribute! And contribute!