Best viewed with - Velocity Amsterdam 2015

Fc7368fd45560e1e7401bc80684f5867?s=47 Adam Onishi
October 30, 2015

Best viewed with - Velocity Amsterdam 2015

Are we doomed to see history repeat itself? With the amount of client-side MVC frameworks and the upcoming implementation of the ES6 syntax, will we soon be seeing a repeat of the “browser wars.” Will more websites only work in a select number of browsers with the capabilities to run their code?

Are we breaking the inherent robustness of the web? The main facets that affect everything on the web are performance, accessibility, interaction. What are these new tools serving most?

My aim is to take a look at the current state of the web and whether progressive enhancement is still plausible, instead of looking at what new tools can offer. Do some of these new frameworks start to redress the balance and serve all facets of the web?

I’ll be covering:

- What progressive enhancement is and whether it is still important
- What new JavaScript frameworks are offering
- The broader picture of progressive enhancement and what that means for performance and accessibility
- An introduction to service worker and what that means to progressive enhancement and performance


Adam Onishi

October 30, 2015