Help! My client is a WebPerf meetup!

Fc7368fd45560e1e7401bc80684f5867?s=47 Adam Onishi
October 04, 2016

Help! My client is a WebPerf meetup!

At first it seems like a good idea. The chance to build the website for one of your favourite meetups. Great! Then the realisation dawns on you. They’re not just a great meetup, they’re a WebPerf meetup, hosting some of the most performance-minded developers in our industry.

Challenge accepted!

Follow along as I take you on a journey through the project from design to deployment. We’ll look at all the steps taken to ensure the site could pass the tough scrutiny of the WebPerf community. We’ll cover design considerations, font choices, the tools for optimising front-end assets, and performance testing.

Finally, we’ll go one step further and see how service workers can be used to improve site performance with client-side caching techniques.


Adam Onishi

October 04, 2016