WordPress WTF

Fc7368fd45560e1e7401bc80684f5867?s=47 Adam Onishi
February 24, 2014

WordPress WTF

After you’ve spent many years working with something, you start to get to that point where you feel competent, that you can do anything and every problem has a solution. However, with this understanding you also get to a point where as well as seeing how something works, you can also see how badly it does it. This is the point Adam has come to with WordPress.

In this talk, you’ll take a look over some weaknesses with WordPress, exploring downsides of the architecture, the theming and some more general problems around the platform. But also you’ll see how to avoid these problems and write better themes, plugins, and websites with WordPress.

Video here: http://www.supermondays.org/2014/02/25/content-management-systems-videos/


Adam Onishi

February 24, 2014