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ONOS Summit: Demo 4- NFaaS

ONOS Project
December 09, 2014

ONOS Summit: Demo 4- NFaaS

ONOS Summit: Demo 4- NFaaS
Presented by: Teru Uchida and Naoki Shiota

ONOS Project

December 09, 2014

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  1.   NFV  Use  Case  Demo     Teru  Uchida,  Naoki

     Shiota   NEC
  2.     Mo:va:on  for  NFV   FIREWALL   VM  

    CGNAT   VM   URL   FILTERING   VM   FIREWALL   CGNAT   URL  FILTERING        NFV   NFV  =  CAPEX  SAVINGS   NFV  =  OPEX  SAVINGS?     Without  NFV,  Service  Providers   were  managing  devices   With  NFV,  it  can  reduce  CAPEX  with   commodity  server,  but  increases   OPEX.  
  3. BNG   BNG   vSW   BNG   BNG  

    vSW   BNG   BNG   vSW   BNG   vSW   L2  Connec;vity   IDS   WAN-­‐ Accel   Cache   Cache   Cache   vSW   vSW   L2VPN/L3VPN/   L3  Connec;vity   EtherSW+  ROADM   NFV  chaining   Commodity  Servers  &  Storage   It  can  reduce  CAPEX,  but  s;ll  we  need  to  manage  (virtual)  servers.    It  will  increase  OPEX.   Current  approach   We  deploys  NFV  here  to  hope  it  can  reduce  cost  and  increase  flexibility.             Applying  NFV  to  Central  Office
  4.     Introducing  “Service”  Abstrac:on  for  NFV   VM  

    VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   Manage  service  easily   (Service  composi;on)   Scaled  up  or  down   automa;cally   (Service  scalability)       VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   VM   OVX  +  ONOS  +  OpenCloud   Physical   Network   1.  Automa:c  scalability  per  service  (Service  scalability)   2.  Easy  management  per  service  (Service  composi:on)   Internet  connec:on   service   URL  filter  service  
  5.     OLT   Packet  SW  +  ROADM   XOS

     +  OVX  +  ONOS   5   Enterprise Customers VPN            WanEx            DSA            IDS     Residential Customers BNG            CDN            CG-­‐NAT          Firewall   Mobile Customers PGW          XCODE            NLA            CDN             NFaaS in Central Office Manage Services not servers …   NFaaS  =  Scalable,  easy  to  manage  NFV  solu:on  @  lower  CapEx  and   OpEx    and  Cloud-­‐wide  op:miza:on       Mobile customers composition Residential customers composition Enterprise customers composition
  6.   NFaaS  Demo      

  7.     Demo  system  overview   Network  Virtualiza:on  with  OpenVirteX

      Service  Management  GUI  (OpenCloud)   filter2   filter3   filter1   URL  Filter   Service  NW     dhcp   radius   gw   dns   Service   router   shaper   Internet   Main  NW Virtual Networks dhcp   radius   gw   dns   filter1   filter2   Service   router   shaper   filter3   Internet   Physical  NW Physical Network ONOS   ONOS  
  8.     CDN contracted customer Internet    +  URL  filter

      OVX  +  ONOS  +  OpenCloud   8   Parent control contracted customer Internet  +  URL  filter  +  Traffic  shaper   Internet Normal Customer Service  composi:on   Other   NFVs   Traffic   Shaper   Internet   (NAPT)   Teru Teru URL   Filter1   URL   Filter3   URL   Filter2   Atushi Internet   (NAPT)   Internet + URL filter CDN contracted customer Naoki Naoki URL   Filter1   Internet   (NAPT)   Internet + URL filter
 + Traffic shaper Parent control contracted customer Atushi Internet   (NAPT)   URL   Filter1   Traffic   Shaper   Provisioning Provisioning Provisioning
  9.     9   Parent control contracted customer CDN contracted

    customer Internet    +  URL  filter   Normal Customer   Service  scalability   URL   Filter1   Internet   (NAPT)   Internet   Internet + URL filter Internet  +  URL  filter  +  Traffic  shaper   Traffic   Shaper   Other   NFVs   URL   Filter2   URL   Filter3   Naoki Teru Atushi Subscriber1 Subscriber2 Subscriber3 OVX  +  ONOS  +  OpenCloud  
  10. •  Service  abstrac:on  has  2  main  features   – Service  composi:on

     :  Easy  management   – Service  scalability  :  Automa:c  scalability   •  Service  abstrac:on  hide  the  complexity  of   NFV,  so  you  can  concentrate  what  you  really   want  to  focus  on.         Summary