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ONOS presentation- Bell Labs meeting

ONOS presentation- Bell Labs meeting

Bell Labs meeting slides

ONOS Project

April 30, 2015

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  1.    ONOS     The  open  SDN  Network  Opera1ng  System

     for  Service  Providers                                          April  30th,  2015  
  2. Unprecedented   Traffic  Growth   Orders  of   magnitude  

    increase  in  users,   devices,  apps   Video,  Mobile   traffic  exploding   CAPEX     conDnues  to  rise   “DATA” ERA “VOICE” ERA TRAFFIC OPERATOR COST REVENUES * Graph Source - Accenture Analysis NEW SERVICES IP Video: 79% of all IP traffic in 2018 AT&T spends $20 Billion per year on CAPEX Service  Provider  Networks   2016 traffic = triple of 2011 More mobile devices than people Time Growth Explosive growth in Service Provider networks
  3. Scale Open Monetize Reduce CAPEX and OPEX Deliver new and

    customized Services rapidly Bring in cloud-style agility, flexibility, Scalability Lower operational complexity, increase visibility •  Open APIs •  Multi-vendor •  Multi-technology •  Open Source Turning growth into opportunity
  4. Merchant  Silicon   Loader   OS   Agent   Closed

      Features Control Plane Hardware                      SDN  Network  Opera1ng  System   Control  Apps   Mgmt  Apps   Config  Apps   Features Control Hardware Whitebox Legacy Key enabler – Software Defined Networking
  5. 200-500 routers, 5-10K ports 20-100K routers, 10K-100 Million ports SIZING

    THE SERVICE PROVIDER NETWORK WAN core backbone 10-50K routers, 2-3 Million ports Metro Network Cellular Access Network 10-50K devices, 100K-1 Million ports Wired Access/ Aggregation Network Tens of millions of fixed, hundreds of millions of wireless end points Five nines availability (or a cloud style version of it), high performance, low latency Ease/agility of service creation Phased migration of networks, support for white boxes Challenge - 1
  6. SDN Network Operating System Apps Global Network View / State

    Global Network View / State •  High Throughput: ~500K-1M paths setups / second ~3-6M network state ops / second •  High Volume: ~500GB-1TB of network state data   Challenge – 1 in numbers high throughput | low latency | consistency | high availability

        Control  Apps   Mgmt  Apps   Config  Apps   Value in apps and services Value in network and device innovation Value in commercial-grade solutions Strategic but difficult to monetize Merchant  Silicon   Loader   OS   Agent                        SDN  Network  Opera1ng  System   Who  will  build     this  plaKorm?   Challenge – 2
  8. To produce the Open Source SDN Network Operating System that

    enables Service Providers to build real Software Defined Networks ONOS Mission
  9. ONOS – SDN NOS For Service Providers •  Scalability,  High

     Availability  &  Performance     •  Northbound  &  Southbound  Abstrac1ons     •  Modularity  
  10. Key metrics for ONOS •  Performance   •  Topology  change

     latency  (switch,  link)   •  Flow  installa1on  throughput  (flow  opera1ons  per  sec)   •  Northbound  latency  (intent  install,  withdraw,  reroute   latency)   •  Northbound  throughput  (intents  per  sec)   •  Scale-­‐out   •  Ability  to  scale  control  plane  by  adding  capacity   •  High  Availability   •  Uninterrupted  opera1on  in  the  wake  of  failures,   upgrades   Challenging  part  -­‐>  providing  performance,  scale-­‐out,  HA  together  
  11. Number of Instances in Cluster Latency 10 ms What’s good

    enough? Simple Rule of thumb •  1  M  flow  ops/sec     •  Less  than  100ms  latency  (ideally  under  10ms)  
  12. ONOS Blackbird Release performance •  Whitepapers  on  SDN  Control  Plane

     performance  @   hXp://onosproject.org/so\ware/blackbird-­‐whitepapers/     •  Performance  tes1ng  methodology  and  ONOS   Blackbird  evalua1on  @   hXps://wiki.onosproject.org/display/ONOS/Blackbird+Performance+Evalua1on    
  13. NB – Application Intent Framework Southbound Core API Protocols Adapters

    Apps Protocols Adapters Protocols Adapters Protocols Adapters ONOS Instance 1 ONOS Instance 2 ONOS Instance 3 ONOS Instance N Distributed Core (performance, scale-out, availability, state management, notifications) ONOS Distributed Architecture
  14. Distributed  Core     Southbound   “Provision 10G path from

    Datacenter 1 to Datacenter2 optimized for cost” Intents translated and Compiled into specific instructions for network devices. Applica1on  Intent  Framework:     Abstrac1ons,  APIs,  Policy  Enforcement,  Conflict  resolu1on     Distributed Core Southbound Core API OpenFlow NETCONF Southbound Interface ONOS Application Intent Framework I want to define “what” I need without worrying about “how”…
  15. COMPILATION   INSTALLATION   Flow  Rule  Batch      

    Flow  Rule  Batch       Flow  Rule  Batch       Flow  Rule  Batch       Path  Intent       Path  Intent       Host  to  Host  Intent       ONOS Intent Example “Provision  10G  path  from   Datacenter  1  to  Datacenter2   op1mized  for  cost”  
  16. Core  Packet-­‐Op1cal   Metro  Packet-­‐Op1cal   Wired   Access  

    Wireless   Access   Access   Central  Office   Built  like  a     Data  Center   Network Interface ! Network Interface ! Enterprise   Access   Wireless   Access   Wired   Access   Wireless   Access   Wired   Access   Wireless   Access   Enterprise     Access   Wireless   Access   Network Interface ! Network Interface ! Network Interface ! Network Interface ! POP   Built  like  a     Data  Center   Network Interface ! Network Interface ! Network Interface ! Network Interface ! Service Provider Network of the Future
  17. SDN  Control  Plane  -­‐   ONOS   I O  

    I O   Metro  Core    Link   I O   Access   Link   I O   Commodity  hardware   Fabric     Spine   Switches   Leaf   Switches   Central Office re-imagined as Datacenter NFV  Orch   Large number of COs Evolved over 40-50 years Huge source of CAPEX/OPEX Architect with commodity hardware and manage the fabric/ infrastructure with ONOS (SDN Control plane)
  18. White  Box   White  Box   White  Box   White

     Box   White  Box   White  Box   White  Box   White  Box   White  Box   White  Box   White  Box   White  Box   White  Box   White  Box   ONOS   White  Box   White  Box   Central Office fabric control with ONOS Elephant flow rerouting Traffic Steering Network Virtualization Segment  Routed     Fabric  Control     SDN  controlled     L3  Leaf-­‐Spine   Clos  fabric.  

    VM Service 1 Service2 VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM Service 3 Service2 Service 1 NFaas: From VMs to Services VNF VMs Service Abstraction Service Composition
  20. Commodity  servers  +  NFaaS  =    CAPEX  and  OPEX  savings

      Centralized  Control  &  Management  Plane  –  ONOS  +  OVX  +  XOS      PGW              XCODE            NLA            CDN                BNG              CDN                CG-­‐NAT                  Firewall   VPN                  WanEx                DSA            IDS     Mobile Customers Residential Customers Enterprise Customers I O   Access   Link   Central Office with NFaaS (NFV)
  21. I O I O Metro  Core    Link   I

    O Access   Link   Commodity  hardware   Fabric Spine   Switches   Leaf   Switches   Control  Apps              Mgmt  Apps        |  Config  Apps  |         vBNG vCPE PON OLT MACs vOLT XOS  +  OVX   Subscriber  1         Whitebox Switch   ONU   Replace  complex  residen1al   gateway  with  commodity   switch   20K-100K subscribers " ONU   Whitebox Switch   SDN  Control  Plane  -­‐  ONOS   Subscriber  2   Central Office DHCP LDAP RADIUS Control Data   Virtualizing the CPE (vCPE) and OLT (vOLT)
  22. Datacenter  1   Packet  Network   Op1cal  Network   ONOS

    (Multi-layer SDN Control) Datacenter  2   Failure handling – move traffic to different path “Provision 10G path from Datacenter 1 to Datacenter 2 optimized for latency” Lower CAPEX, OPEX, better utilization Bandwidth  on     Demand   Bandwidth     Calendaring   Pay  per  network     feature,  QOS   Multilayer Packet/optical SDN control Multi-layer SDN control
  23. MPLS/optical SDN control with Cap-Grow-Drain Cap   Grow   Drain

      ONOS ONOS ONOS MPLS   Network   MPLS   Network   MPLS   Network   Op1cal   Network   Op1cal   Network   Op1cal   Network   Segment  Rou1ng   (for  MPLS  network)   Op1cal  control   Segment  Rou1ng   (for  MPLS  network)     Op1cal  control   Segment  Rou1ng   (for  MPLS  network)     Op1cal  control   Whitebox   switches   Whitebox   switches   Whitebox   switches   Whitebox   switches   Whitebox   switches   New   SDN   Edge   Send  Big  Flows  to   op1cal  network   Cap-­‐Grow-­‐Drain  =  Bring  SDN  to  backbone  without  fork  li\  upgrade   Whitebox   switches  
  24. ... ONOS Cluster •  BGP speaker HA •  ONOS/SDN-IP HA

    •  External BGP router/ connection HA •  external networks across SDN island SDN-IP enables communication between: •  SDN network and external IP networks ONOS ONOS ONOS SDN-­‐IP   SDN-­‐IP   SDN-­‐IP   Seamless peering with SDN-IP
  25. 1 2 3 STABILITY     +  NEW  AREAS  

    PERFORMANCE,   CORE  PLATFORM     USE  CASES/DEPLOYMENTS   Geographically  distributed  ONOS  cluster(s)   Mul1-­‐tenancy   Openstack  Integra1on   IPv6  support   Security   Mobility     CORD  (Central  Office)-­‐  Fabric  –  NFaaS  -­‐     vCPE,  MPLS/Packet  op1cal  (core)   SDN-­‐IP  (WAN),  Segment  Rou1ng  (WAN)   Mul1cast  (video),  IP  RAN  (Backhaul),Mobile, vEPC,  So\  RAN,  Internet2,  CREATE-­‐NET,   Deployments,  SP  POCs/Trials  (AT&T,  NTT,     SK  Telecom,  DIRECTV,  Huawei,  NEC…)   ONOS Focus in 2015
  26. App Developers Universities Integrators End users Core Developers Service Provider

    partners Vendor partners ONOS Focus in 2015–Its Vibrant Community Collaborator partners Deployment Orgs International Orgs Documentation people Releases people Marketing ON.Lab Testing folks Security Response Team

    USE CASES STEERING TEAM ONOS  is  a  Technical  Meritocracy.     ON.Lab  plays  the  role  of  “benevolent”  dictator  steward.   ONOS - Unique Governance ON.Lab  
  28. Delivering quality code, timely releases, value Service Provider and Vendor

    Sponsorship, Participation, Diversity Community growth, support and contributions Open-ness, transparency, meritocracy Industry and end user buy-in, trials, adoption ONOS Success Metrics - 2015
  29. ONOS differentiators •  ONOS  Goal  –  build  a  SDN  controller

     for  Service  Providers.  What  this  means  is  that  performance,  scalability,   high  availability  need  to  be  core  tenets  and  built  into  the  architecture  from  the  get  go.  Performance   demonstrated  in  Blackbird  release  validates  benefits  of  ONOS’  distributed  architecture.   •  Build  ONOS  with  all  stakeholders  at  the  table.  What  this  means  is  that  the  ecosystem  includes  both  service   providers  and  vendors.  Strong  sponsorship/advocacy  by  Service  Providers.   •  Build  ONOS  as  a  plaKorm  with  coherent,  well-­‐thought  out  architecture.  Keep  it  lean  and  mean.  This  is  a   different  philosophy  from  building  a  toolkit  like  ODL  where  you  have  a  lot  of  code  that  may  not  be  useful  for   a  user  and  he/she  will  need  to  pick  and  choose  pieces  to  poten1ally  build  a  plaKorm.   •  ONOS  Focus  on  abstrac1ons  on  the  NB  and  SB,  ability  to  support  a  diversity  of  services  and  devices   •  ONOS  Focus  on  service  provider  use  cases  and  deployments-­‐  these  are  the  hardest  to  build  for  and  have  the   most  stringent  of  requirements  and  as  a  result  a  plaKorm  that  can  support  these  will  be  easily  usable  for   datacenters  as  well  as  enterprises.   •  Demonstrate  real  world  deployments  with  ONOS    –  SDN  IP  in  Internet2,  Peering  router  in  Australia,  CORD   use  cases  in  AT&T’s  network  soon  etc.   •  Governance  –  technical  meritocracy  +  ON.Lab  as  benevolent  steward   •  Core  ON.Lab  team  dedicated  to  ONOS  dev-­‐  cri1cal  areas  will  always  be  addressed.