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OpenTalks.AI - Сергей Бартунов, Distributed, compressive and implicit memory models​

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February 21, 2020

OpenTalks.AI - Сергей Бартунов, Distributed, compressive and implicit memory models​



February 21, 2020


  1. Compressive, distributed and implicit neural memory Sergey Bartunov

  2. Private & Confidential Why memory? Partial observability Time sequentiality Cognitive

  3. Private & Confidential What kind of memory we need ▪

    Long episodes and generalization require compression ▪ Distributed representations for efficient memory access and robustness ▪ Implicit operation is often implied by the above
  4. Private & Confidential Recurrent Neural Network Pros ▪ General ▪

    Distributed ▪ Compressive ▪ Explicit h x y Cons ▪ Training issues ▪ Persistence ▪ Scalability
  5. Private & Confidential Slot-based memory m 1 m 2 ...

    m K Memory is a set of slot vectors: Reading from a query: Weston et al, 2014
  6. Private & Confidential Applications: reasoning

  7. Private & Confidential Applications: RL with episodic memory Pritzel et

    al, 2017
  8. Private & Confidential Slot-based memory h x m 1 m

    2 m K q w 1 w 2 w K ... y Pros ▪ Scalable* ▪ Explicit Cons ▪ Linear memory cost ▪ Lack of generalization
  9. Private & Confidential Writing strategies Add new slots Write to

    existing slots Graves et al, 2016
  10. Private & Confidential Writing via posterior inference (Kanerva Machine) Wu

    et al, 2018 ... Memory is a distribution Bayesian posterior update Likelihood model
  11. Private & Confidential Benefits of compression Rae et al, 2019

    Wu et al, 2018
  12. Private & Confidential Compressive transformer Rae et al, 2020

  13. Private & Confidential x 2 Implicit memory: Hopfield network x

    1 x 3
  14. Private & Confidential Energy-based models Du & Mordatch, 2019

  15. Private & Confidential RNN with Fast Weights h x y

    M Repeat S times Ba et al, 2016; Miconi et al, 2018 Soft nearest neighbour search:
  16. Private & Confidential Meta-Learning Deep Energy-Based Memory Models Sergey Bartunov,

    Jack Rae, Simon Osindero, Timothy Lillicrap
  17. Private & Confidential Implicit memory and attractor models Update dynamics:

    Memories are attractors:
  18. Private & Confidential Network weights as distributed storage Fully-connected layers

    Convolutional layers Static weights Memory weights Memory filters Static filters
  19. Private & Confidential Meta-learning the writing rule 3. Meta-learn the

    initialization and gradient descent schedule 2. Write into the memory by minimizing the writing loss (repeat K times) 1. For a known family define a writing loss Loss
  20. Private & Confidential Associative retrieval

  21. Private & Confidential Distortion-rate analysis

  22. Private & Confidential Compressing correlated data

  23. Private & Confidential Private & Confidential Thank you! Questions?

  24. Private & Confidential References • Weston, J., Chopra, S., &

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  25. Private & Confidential Picture credits • http://adelsepehr.profcms.um.ac.ir/index.php?mclang=fa-IR • http://www.9minecraft.net/first-person-model-mod/ •

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