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Django Tales: How Django and Its Community Can Change Lives (short version, PyCon Ireland 2015)

Django Tales: How Django and Its Community Can Change Lives (short version, PyCon Ireland 2015)

The Django and Python communities can change lives and have changed many lives including my own. I’ve been running the Your Django Story interview series on the Django Girls blog for over a year now. So far I featured 70 amazing women who work with Django. In my talk, I will present our interview series and share 8 Django Tales, stories of 8 inspiring women whose lives were changed by learning Python and Django and becoming involved in the Python and Django communities. I will also share what you can do to help Django Girls grow even more.
If you’d love to hear inspiring Django Tales, this is the right talk for you :)


Anna Ossowski

October 24, 2015


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  2. Django Tales How Django and its community can change lives

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  3. Django Stories

  4. blog.djangogirls.org

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  7. Dori Czapari @doriczapari

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  9. Kinga Kieczkowska @kieczkowska

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  11. https://modelviewculture.com/pieces/how-the-glorification-of-software- developers-compromises-tech-companies

  12. Adrienne Lowe @adriennefriend codingwithkniv.es

  13. Andy Gonzalez @andiosuna

  14. Erika Pogorelc @ercchy

  15. I want to do _______ (fill in the blank with

    what you wish to do in life), and I am ready to work hard to get there.
  16. Szilvia Kádár @kadarszilvi

  17. “Since Django Girls I’ve not only become a programmer, but

    I’ve become strong and brave.”
  18. Jordan Decker @jordan_decker

  19. “I went to the Django birthday party and it changed

    my life.”
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  22. story@djangogirls.org

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  28. http://bit.ly/DjangoTalesLongVersion

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