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Flourishing FLOSS: Making Your Project Successful

Flourishing FLOSS: Making Your Project Successful

You maintain an Open Source project with great code? Yet your project isn’t succeeding in the ways you want? Maybe you’re struggling with funding or documentation? Or you just can’t find new contributors and you’re drowning in issues and pull requests?
Open Source is made up of many components and we are often better-trained in methods for writing good code, than in methods for succeeding in the other dimensions we want our project to grow.
In this talk we’ll explore the different components of an Open Source project and how they work together. After this talk you’ll be well-equipped with a ideas and strategies for growing, cultivating, and nourishing your Open Source project.

Anna Ossowski

March 20, 2019

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  1. [email protected] Open Source Funding Program Hi all, We are so

    excited to announce our new Open source funding program. @OssAnna16 [email protected]
  2. @OssAnna16 Open source code is: • Publicly accessible • Reusable

    (depending on the license) • Modifiable (depending on the license)
  3. @OssAnna16 Step 1: Run this command. Step 2: Magic happening

    in between. Step 3: The software should work now.
  4. Your project needs: • A website, including a blog •

    An active Twitter account • A mailing list • People to evangelize @OssAnna16
  5. Close issues you won’t be working on in the next

    6 months. Close bugs as “known limitations” and document them. @OssAnna16
  6. Your project needs a Code of Conduct. And you need

    to be willing to enforce it. contributor-covenant.org @OssAnna16
  7. @OssAnna16 • Listen to your contributors. Be responsive. • Offer

    your financial supporters something valuable in return.
  8. @OssAnna16 • Write thorough documentation, including screenshots and gifs. •

    Acknowledge all contributions as equally important.
  9. @OssAnna16 • Provide contribution incentives. • Work on marketing: Website

    + blog, active Twitter account, mailing list, evangelism.
  10. @OssAnna16 • Learn to say no to bugs and issues

    you won’t fix in the next 6 months. Document them. • Nurture your community.