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DEVNOLOGY 2014 - Building large client-side JavaScript apps

DEVNOLOGY 2014 - Building large client-side JavaScript apps

Some of the lessons that we have learned over the last couple of years developing a Single Page Application.

Michiel Overeem

October 04, 2014

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  1. Building large client-side JavaScript applications

  2. Michiel Overeem Lead Software Architect / Developer m.overeem@afas.nl @michielovereem linkedin.com/in/movereem

  3. not in production and not complete

  4. None
  5. "The key is to acknowledge from the start that you

    have no idea how this will grow." - Nicholas Zakas
  6. Do it yourself?

  7. Does it fit?

  8. Can we trust this?

  9. What if we’re stuck?

  10. Ideas over frameworks

  11. None
  12. "The secret to building large apps is never build large

    apps. Break your applications into small pieces. Then, assemble those testable, bite-sized pieces into your big application" - Justin Meyer, author JavaScriptMVC
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  15. Initializes a module, translates events from the view to actions

    on the model Maintains state, and communicates with the backend for data Presents state and communicates with the DOM
  16. It is that easy

  17. Pollution

  18. They need some privacy

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  22.  dev.afas.nl

  23. None
  24. Don’t fear choice, slowly grow code Choose principles, not frameworks

    Choose frameworks that match principles