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Sécurité des applications : Les fondements

Sécurité des applications : Les fondements

OWASP Montréal est fier d’accueillir au Midi Conférence du mois de mars, Mme Tanya Janca, Co-Leader du chapitre OWASP Ottawa et spécialiste de la sécurité applicative au sein du Gouvernement fédéral.

La conférence « Les fondements de la sécurité des applications » sera présentée en anglais.

Session Description : Everyone has heard about the problem; everyone is “getting hacked”. But what is the answer? From scanning your code with a vulnerability scanner to red teaming exercises, developer education programs and bug bounties, this talk will take the audience through all the possibilities of an extensive application security program, with a detailed explanation of each part.

Bio : Tanya Janca is an application security evangelist, a web application penetration tester and vulnerability assessor, a secure code reviewer, an ethical hacker, the Co-Leader of the OWASP Ottawa chapter, and has been developing software since the late 90’s. She has worn many hats and done many things, including; Custom Apps, Ethical Hacking, COTS, Incident Response, Enterprise Architect, Project and People Management, and even Tech Support. She is currently helping the Government of Canada secure their web applications.

Merci à notre commanditaire principal de cet événement: Ubitrak!

OWASP Montréal

March 20, 2017

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  3. Current state: everyone is 'getting hacked'.

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  19. 8-12 May, 2017 Pushing Left, Like a Boss Tanya Janca

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