Threat Modeling Toolkit

Threat Modeling Toolkit

Threat Modeling is a great way to analyze security early in software development by structuring possible attacks, bad actors and countermeasures over a broad view of the targeted system. This talk will describe basic components of a threat model and how to use them effectively.

Threat Intelligence is where you gather knowledge about the environment and business assets to determine what are the actual threats. But how do you reconcile that with the current architecture in a useful manner?

The toolkit presented in this talk will enable you to systematically structure related information using graphical notations such as flow diagram and attack tree. In case you are wondering where to start in your organization, a quick lightweight risk rating methodology will also be proposed.

And in the end, you’ll see how we can all tie those together and get threat modeling to a point where it’s an efficient application security activity for communication. Doing this will prevent security reviews from missing important things even when chaos prevails during the realization of a project.

Modeling concepts will be demonstrated with an actual IoT device used as example.

Presentation will be done in english.

Speaker Bio:

Jonathan Marcil is the former chapter leader of OWASP Montreal and is now Senior Application Security Engineer at Blizzard Entertainment in beautiful Orange County, California.

Jonathan has been involved with OWASP for many years and has been behind the Media Project which gathered and promoted AppSec conferences video content in the official OWASP YouTube channel. He was also part of NorthSec CTF event as a challenge designer specialized in Web and imaginative contraptions.

He is passionate about Application Security and enjoys architecture analysis, code review, threat modeling and debunking security tools. He holds a diploma in Software Engineering from ÉTS Montreal and has more than 15 years of experience in Information Technology and Security.


OWASP Montréal

May 23, 2017