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Valkoviiksi 7 makers

Valkoviiksi 7 makers

"The future of the film industry"

Juga Paazmaya

April 01, 2004

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  1. Jarkko Kuitunen “Prison guard” Joni Juuti “Kaarleppi Juuti” Ilpo Kosonen

    “Ilpo” The car which was used also in White Moustache 6, served its evil purpose in the seventh movie as well.
  2. Juuso Saarinen Sound effects “Nerdy schoolboy” Jukka Paasonem Director Producer

    “White Moustache” Jura Sivonen “The President”
  3. Julia Gustafsson “Teenager” Kaj Gustafsson Lights “Secterary of the chief

    of Secret service” Tommi Siivonen Filming supervisor Despite the fact that both Gustafssons have the same last name, there is no family relation here.
  4. Jani Voutilainen Recording Kalle Lonnroth Scene writer English translator “A

    guy returning from a bar” Elina Koivisto Still photos “Dog walker” If you are lucky, you might be able to catch a view of the guy who is return- ing from the bar in the night. Kalle plays this role sometimes in the city of Turku
  5. Tero Salonen Writer Assistant of ideas Mikke Helenius Composer “Pum”

    Laura Lehtola Technical assistent “Attourney”
  6. Perttu Terho “Chief of the Secret ser- vice” Toni Sinisalo

    Filming Teemu Rantala Filming Find Perttus tie from eBay?
  7. Olli Ketola “Man with a bicycle” The bicycle used in

    the smoking boy scene was not damaged. The smoker was.