Making Computing Fun Again: Passion, Beauty, Joy, and Awe on Khan Academy

Making Computing Fun Again: Passion, Beauty, Joy, and Awe on Khan Academy

Presented at SIGCSE 2016 for PBJA session. See this Dropbox for other panelist's slides:


Pamela Fox

March 03, 2016


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    How it started: The real-time environment 4 ACE editor JSHint

    ! BabyHint ! Loop Checker ProcessingJS
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    Next step: An interactive curriculum 6 talk-throughs challenges Drawing Variables

    Animation Text Functions Logic Looping Arrays Objects
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    Self-paced 7 DON’t STIFLE the passion! “I used Khan

    Academy because allowed for differentiation between students. I love how it allowed our valedictorian and our lowest ranked student to coexist in the same class without either getting bored." progress in a class after 5 hours:
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    Finally: Deeper learning with projects 8 + peer evaluations from

    this… …to these! JOY! "The projects are fun and lead to ideas for more projects.” "I LOVED evaluating projects." "The projects really challenged me & forced me think about the skills I'm learning in order to apply them." …and struggle!
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    11 Hopper ( a HER!) Winston Oh Noes Guy, the

    Error Buddy The whimsy! JOYFUL! JOYFUL!
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    15 Does this approach work for everyone? • Gender: Yes!

    60%/40% male/female student ratio, with equal completion rates across genders. • Age: Varies. <1 2 years old have lower completion rates, especially as course gets harder (e.g. logic). Adults have lower retention rates, due to getting busier or not finding it practical enough.