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Paran Chandrasekaran

Paran Chandrasekaran

Improve the security of your network with simple and highly sophisticated Cybersecurity operations from Paran Chandrasekaran; An expert who has years of experience in providing the best results in Network Security.


Paran Chandrasekaran

December 28, 2021

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  1. Paran Chandrasekaran CEO & Founder Scentrics

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    is one of the original technology entrepreneurs of the 1990’s and is the Founder and one of the investors of Scentrics Information Security Technologies Ltd, a UK based high value IP technology venture in cyber security and privacy. He has brought together global thought leaders in Cryptology and Machine Learning resulting in the world’s first and only security and privacy platform to enable a broad range of target markets such as Smart Cities, IoT, FinTech and lifestyle services. He is also the co-author of the leading patents in cryptography which the company has secured. Paran Chandrasekaran
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    serial technology investor and entrepreneur stemming from the 1990’s boom, Paran’s experience allows him to be a futurist in the global technology space often picking out key and emerging technologies way ahead of market acknowledgment.
  4. Paran Chandrasekaran was hand-picked as an advisor to The Prince

    of Wales’ Business Advisory Board and to the UK Government and was instrumental to the formation of the UK government’s initiative for CISSP accreditation. He is also a co-patent author for prestigious and high value IP in the Cryptography field and a Computer Science graduate from the University of London and a visiting Professor in Intelligent Systems at UCL.
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    growth in digitisation is exponentially increasing risk for every sector as more data is connected to the network. New and emerging markets need a solution to solve this growing dilemma for scalable security and privacy. Founded by Paran Chandrasekaran, Scentrics has developed a revolutionary, patented solution to a once intractable problem – delivering scalable security and privacy to the masses. TelCos IoT Transportation Public Sector Fintech Smart building Smart Mobility Public Transport Public Health Messaging & chat Social Media Enterprise Smart Home Industry 4.0 & ICS Agriculture Surveillance Mobile & Desktop Applications Embedded Maritime Passport & Identity Education Revenue Services Insurance Healthcare Gaming Retail UCaaS Energy
  7. © Scentrics Information Security Technologies Ltd 2020 7 Ease of

    Use, Scalable, Low TCO Scentrics, ‘sits’ in the same internet layer as the World Wide Web enabling ease of access to security and privacy. Scentrics offers an easily implemented approach to privacy through one-click, standards-based encryption offering control and protection to consumers • Gives developers an automated key-management solution, so they can continue to develop their apps, and leave privacy to a trustworthy third party • Builds up trust and loyalty with users due to the assurance of data security and privacy • Simple to add and effortless to manage
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