Localization with the Unicode CLDR

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August 18, 2015

Localization with the Unicode CLDR

Video and notes: http://patch.codes/talks/localization-with-the-unicode-cldr/

Unicode CLDR is quickly becoming the de facto locale standard with widespread use among companies including Google, Apple, and IBM; projects ranging from Linux distributions to Wikipedia; and increasing support in many programming languages. This talk will provide an introduction to software localization with the CLDR, highlight popular CLDR-based open source libraries in a variety of programming languages, and demonstrate how Shutterstock uses and contributes to them.

Presented at:
◦  2015-08-18: NY Tech Localization Meetup, New York, NY
◦  2015-07-22: OSCON, Portland, OR
◦  2014-06-26: Open Source Bridge, Portland, OR
◦  2014-06-23: YAPC::NA, Orlando, FL
◦ 2014-05-03: DC–Baltimore Perl Workshop, Silver Spring, MD


Nova Patch

August 18, 2015