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NewsWhip Intro September 2012

September 07, 2012

NewsWhip Intro September 2012

NewsWhip Overview Deck (Public)


September 07, 2012

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  1. Total social intelligence NewsWhip tracks millions of daily actions on

    the world’s social networks to reveal the fastest spreading, most engaging stories in real time. 1.00pm   1.30pm   2.00pm   2.30pm   3.00pm   3.30pm   4.00pm  
  2. The Problem Too much information: journalists must decide what to

    cover from 100,000s of potential items. Is the story that was big 1 hour ago still important? Still getting engagement? Speedy news cycle- mean newsrooms want a way to monitor each other. Popularity must be guessed Huge traffic can flow from viral content. But it’s hard to find it first. Viral Content Intense competition Too Many Sites Journalists can’t monitor the 1000s of potential news sources. How can you keep reporters aware of the latest topics generating chatter? Staying on the Pulse
  3. NewsWhip Spike: Use social signals to know the most engaging

    stories, every minute, every hour. See what’s big, hour by hour, and what’s on the way down. Monitor social spread of stories from competitor outlets. The Solution Exact time breakout NewsWhip finds viral content first on YouTube and Reddit. First for Viral Content Competitive Analysis for Newsrooms Game Changing Efficiencies Forget monitoring fifty sites and twitter feeds – Spike finds the best from 1000s of sources. Keeps reporters aware of the latest social discussion. Stay on the Pulse
  4. Spike, NewsWhip’s pro product, is now being used by 300+

    journalists and editors to monitor world news. In action TV and radio stations use Spike to find topical stories BuzzFeed, HuffPo use Spike to check what news is going viral. CNN monitor peer sites for trending content. (So does USA Today, Time & BBC.) NBC find viral web content, videos and international stories. CTV use Spike to monitor their own social performance. Avg. session: 23m30s * 85% of trial users return
  5. Team Paul Quigley CEO – Sales & Strategy Andrew Mullaney

    CTO - Engineering & Data Architecture Former NYC Lawyer. Clients: DoubleClick, Warner Music, Blackstone, Pfizer. Project management, sales & leadership experience. Founded Irish news site and built to 200k users monthly. Former Accenture Consultant. Clients: Microsoft, AIB, Quinn Healthcare, Bank of Ireland. Big data expertise. Built NewsWhip platform from scratch. Founded national deals website, Easydeals.ie, built to 400k monthly. Shane Naughton Founder, TaxStream LLC (Acquired by Thomson Reuters), regular advisor Hal Phillipp Founder, Quantum Research (Acquired by Atmel) NDRC National; Digital Research Centre, Dublin Angel Investors to Date © 2012 Page 6
  6. Consumer-side prospects NewsWhip.com has also become a major news hub.

    It puts a social filter on the world’s news to show people what’s trending at a high level. 10,000s of regular users, growing each month. 50+ verticals, 10 countries, new languages in October 2012. September 2012 Android and iOS App Launch will bring new traffic, users. Vision of monetizing site and app through tracking “trending” brand-related content (like Buzzfeed). Page 7