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What I've Done

What I've Done

A web service where your friends are engaged in your todo.


Pavel Kucherbaev

October 16, 2012


  1. one.kucherbaev.com   Your  friends  are  engaged  in  your  TODO  

    pavel@kucherbaev.com   What  I’ve  done  
  2. None
  3. 1.Pressure  of   having  many   tasks   2.Lack  of

     exper7se   to  perform  the  task  
  4. Friends  /  colleagues   engagement  in  your  tasks  

  5. How  many  of  your  tasks  should  you   “Google”  or

     ask  friends  to  help?   more  than   half   12%   about  half   36%   less  then  half   45%   no  one   7%   93%    
  6. Do  you  have  tasks  that  you  are   ready  to

     outsource?   Yes   9%   Only  complex   ones   43%   No   48%   52%    
  7. Concept      

  8. 1.  Simplicity      

  9. 1.  Simplicity     2.  Possibility  to  make  tasks  

    open  to  friends      
  10. 1.  Simplicity     2.  Possibility  to  make  tasks  

    open  to  friends     3.  Possibility  to  outsource   tasks  to  others  
  11. one.kucherbaev.com  

  12. one.kucherbaev.com  

  13. one.kucherbaev.com  

  14. one.kucherbaev.com  

  15. one.kucherbaev.com  

  16. Results  

  17. Results   72%  would  like  to  use  this  app  in

  18. Results   72%  would  like  to  use  this  app  in

      future   60%  currently  use  paper  list  
  19. Results   72%  would  like  to  use  this  app  in

      future   5  constant  users   60%  currently  use  paper  list  
  20. Results   72%  would  like  to  use  this  app  in

      future   5  constant  users   33%  found  the  feature  with  changing   picture  as  very  good   60%  currently  use  paper  list  
  21. Results   72%  would  like  to  use  this  app  in

      future   5  constant  users   33%  found  the  feature  with  changing   picture  as  very  good   60%  currently  use  paper  list   581  unique  visitors  
  22. What  I’ve  done   one.kucherbaev.com   Your  friends  are  engaged

     in  your  TODO   pavel@kucherbaev.com