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MR. Awesome

MR. Awesome

A concept of mobile application that helps to keep on tracks and stay organised without boring infinite todo lists and etc.


Pavel Kucherbaev

October 03, 2012


  1. Mr. Awesome pavel.kucherbaev@gmail.com

  2. Stressor Sense of infinity tasks P.O.V. Active person to Be

    productive should be Encouraged
  3. None
  4. None
  5. Encourage user with funny jokes Socialization of achievements

  6. Design justifications Nike+ Socialize the run trainings Interviews “Regular A4

    paper and stickers are still the best TO-DO lists, as you can touch them, crumple and trough away” “People need to have some satisfaction when the task is done”
  7. Critics Voice recognition is not perfect Application can not recognize

    in which mood you are Application does not know on which state you are and which task you are doing
  8. Next steps: Ask 10 people what do they think about

    the concept Ask 10 people what do they think about the user interface Analyze state of the art